Can I Set A Minimum Price on My Items I Want To Sell ?

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Can I Set A Minimum Price on My Items I Want To Sell on eBay?

Of Course... If Fact... You Have To!

That Minimum price may be $0.01, $999.99, or $999,999.00.  Whatever the starting price on the auction is the minimum price.

We tell our customers to set the minimum price at the least they would accept for the item.

So, if they say... I want to sell the item for $500.00.  I then ask... If you were offered $450.00 would you take it?

If they say yes... I then lower the price to $400.00 and so on until they say... NO... I would rather keep it then sell it for that price.

So, I recommend the starting price be the least someone is willing to sell the item for, not what the customer would think would be the "Best Case Scenario" for them.

You also have the option of using a Buy-It-Now to get the "Best Case Scenario" price for them.

Garry - Kansas City Listing Service

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