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If you are currently without medical insurance, your medical insurance deductable is too high, you cannot afford the per-month rental fee on a CPAP or BIPAP machine, or you are just looking to replace or add a second machine to your lifestyle, you have several buying options available to you online. As a Respiratory Therapist of 20 years, I find it absolutely ridiculous that someone has to be formally reevaluated for their Sleep Apnea, under certain Insurance Company guidelines, just to replace a machine they have had for several years. So much for the old adage, if it ain't broke, don't go looking to fix something.

eBay no longer allows for the sale of CPAP machines on their website; matter of fact, they don't allow for the sale of just about anything relating to CPAP machines unless it is a document/set up manual, or accessories (like cloth tubing covers).
The 2 major CPAP manufacturers threatened litigation against eBay about 3 years ago, if eBay did not enforce their current policy of not allowing for the sale of "prescription devices" on their site. The 2 CPAP giants simply believed that secondary market sales of their machines devalued the product. This may or may not be true, but that should not stop your average 'Joe Lunchbox' from having the ability to sell the CPAP machine they no longer need, on a site like Ebay. Not only that, but if eBay was really 'cracking down' on their enforcement of their policy against the sale of prescription items, they would not allow for the sale of Oxygen Concentrators on their site. I think last month over 200 Oxygen Concentrators were sold, and I am almost positive not a single Oxygen Concentator auction was cancelled. How's that for hypocrasy?
The simple fact of the matter is you can very easily obtain a new or used CPAP or BIPAP machine on the internet, and enjoy much lower prices than your local medical supply store, because online vendors have virtually no overhead.

The most popular website online dealing with used CPAP & BIPAP machines is www.secondwindcpap.com. You can get a CPAP machine for as little as $115.00.

There are literally millions of people that have Obstructive Sleep Apnea that cannot [otherwise] afford to treat their illness. There is no reason that people with this disorder should feel handicapped by the high cost of their insurance deductable, or the high price of trying to buy a CPAP or BIPAP machine out of pocket at the local Durable Medical Equipment Supply Store. In some cases, medical equipment stores mark-up CPAP and BIPAP machines as high as 500% - That's right, five hundred percent. They do this for one simple reason - they can; They know that insurance companies, and entities like Medicare will pay/reimburse these ridiculously high prices. Where does that leave the consumer? Scrambling to try and get their CPAP or BIPAP machines at an affordable price without taking out a second mortgage on the house.

The major CPAP manufacturers are in the process of developing increased pricing standards for Internet based CPAP retailers. Resmed is leading the way in this effort and as of October 1st. Internet dealers of Resmed products will be forced to bring their product pricing inline (major increase in price) with 'Brick and Mortar' retailers; and Respironics might not be far behind. What does this mean to the consumer? It means that one day in the not so distant future (October 1st for Resmed products), you will wake up to an Internet that no longer offers new CPAP machines online at the deeply discounted prices that you enjoy today. The new pricing standards being talked about by these corporations will mandate that Internet Sale pricing be more in line with the gross profiteering currently being seen with Durable Medical Equipment Provider 'brick and mortar' stores.
Until 'medical care' and insurance companies in the United States can get its act together and make it more affordable for people to treat their illness, the Internet is the perfect haven to find quality new and used CPAP and BIPAP machines at an affordable price.
I hope this guide has provided some valuable information on the state of eBay and Internet Sales of CPAP and BIPAP Equipment.

Safe Bidding Everyone.


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