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There are two definitions of Vaseline glass. The European definition describes vaseline glass as any kind of creamy yellow glass shading to white, a colouring which resembles vaseline ointment as it used to be. The US definition is any kind of glass which glows under blacklight because it contains uranium or dioxide. This glass can be green or yellow.

During the latter part of the 19th century, glass containing uranium was made with heat sensitive chemicals which turned milky white when reheated, producing a shading effect from yellow to milky white at the edges.

During the early 19th century glass makers in Central Europe started to use uranium as a good way to make yellow and green glass. If you shine a blacklight onto it, you will get a fluorescent green glow. When old European and US makers of glass combined Cranerry, Opalescent or Milk glass, the vaseline glass turned into stunning accent pieces of decorative art.

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