COACH Registration Cards, Guarantee, Warranty & Repairs

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COACH Registration Cards, Guarantee, Warranty & Repairs
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So you finally won that Coach bag you've been dying to get! You open it up and its missing the Coach Registration Cards...  Don't worry, it's NOT a problem!! 

Being a frequent buyer & re-seller of Coach, I made sure to familiarize myself with ALL Coach policies...  I decided to write this guide to help with Coach registration & misconceptions and  I will also explain the difference between Coach's Guarantee & the misconception of a warranty, as well as their repair service.   So enjoy and let me know if this guide has helped  :)

First of all, I would like to point out the 2 major misconceptions about Coach Registration & what the cards are NOT for:

  1. Registration cards are warranties; No cards = no warranty:  (FALSE)
  2. Registration cards prove authenticity; No cards = the bag can't be authenticated or is a fake: (FALSE)

What Coach Registration is really all about:

If you receive Coach Registration Cards with your bag & you fill them out & mail them in, you are registering yourself as a Coach Consumer and putting your bag on file. (The Coach Creed identifies your bag and is your registration number) 

For Reference: Below is a picture of the Coach Registration Cards, front & back 


  • The BENEFITS of Registering your Coach bag are:
    • You'll receive future Coach catalogues as well as new Coach product information.
    • You'll receive more efficient & better personal customer service IF you ever to need a repair.

No Registration Cards; NO problem!  

  • You can register online at


OK.. so now about the Coach Guarantee which seems to be commonly mistaken for a warranty... The "Coach Guarantee" is basically just a pretty title for their return policy which only applies to UNUSED Coach items bought from Coach stores or  You can return your Coach item for a full refund or exchange as long as you have the receipt or order form and the item is unused.  That's their "guarantee" that you will be satisfied with all Coach items or your money back... Get it?  :) 

As per a Coach Warranty...

Coach offers a Repair Service; NOT a warranty!

  • Coach does NOT warranty their products at all but rather offers a repair service for your bag's "Natural Life" which is at their discretion.
  • Coach will always repair a Coach product, regardless of where you purchased your Coach item; Only Authentic Coach items obviously.
  • There is a $20 s&h charge per item submitted for repair that covers evaluation and processing, return packaging and shipping expenses ONLY.  There may be an additional fee for the actual repair costs.
  • On the Coach website, you can print out a repair form to send in with your bag OR attach a note to your bag with your address, phone number, email address & repair instructions to: 
    • C O A C H
      Attn: Repairs
      One Coach Way
      Jacksonville, Florida 32218


So there ya have it... I hope this little guide has helped you understand the truth behind Coach's Registration, their guarantee and repair service...

----> EXTRA TIP:  Coach Dustbags come with EVERY Coach bag!  They are NOT sold seperately by Coach, so make sure a dustbag is included with your Coach bag as it helps protect your bag and longevity!!

Best of luck and much success...  JJ


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