CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Polish: Rouge Noir vs. Vamp

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CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Polish: Rouge Noir vs. Vamp
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Hi!  Welcome to my CHANEL Le Vernis guide on the subtle difference between Vamp and Rouge Noir...two nail polishes with the same colour number (No. 18).

I am writing this guide to help buyers be more informed of the exact colour they will be receiving.  Rouge Noir and Vamp are quite similar and are often mistaken to be the same shade.

Some of you may remember when Vamp was first released in 1994, and it was a dark creme colour, exactly like Rouge Noir is.  Vamp was re-released recently in the USA and it has a slight silvery shimmer to it.  Rouge Noir is darker and has no shimmer to it.  They are both marked shade No. 18 on the bottle.

The photo below shows the shimmer/non shimmer comparison:

So, if you are looking for the new shimmery Vamp, search for Chanel Vamp and make sure to ask the buyer if it says "Made in USA" on the back of the bottle.  If you are looking for the classic creme Vamp which was released in 1994, you need to search for Chanel Rouge Noir, which will say "Made in France" and will probably be a little bit more expensive than the USA Vamp.

Hope this helps!
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