CCTV PCI DVR capture CARD with 4x BNC RCA M/F connector

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The hardware (the PCI card itself) works fine.  But the software is almost worthless.  The card can not be used without the software.  Here is the item:  CCTV PCI DVR capture CARD with 4x BNC RCA M/F connector

I have another DVR PCI card by a different manufacturer, and it came with its own software.  Neither software will run the other card.

The user guide for this DVR PCI card is almost impossible to understand.  It was written by someone in China.  Here are some samples:

"In order to prevent using different expenses your computer, set it up."
"Alarm when signal input set up alarm output in “Sensor in alarm”, it works as checking in check box.  And Set Post alarm interval"

The instructions are VERY confusing, so it will be nearly impossible to use the features of the software.  Not being able to use the software means that you can't use the DVR PCI card successfully.

I have Windows XP service pack 3.  The DVR PCI card driver would NOT install on my PC.  I had to install it manually; if you don't know how to do this, then don't buy this item.

When you try to install the software initially, it prompts you to install the driver first.  When the driver fails to install, then you can't install the software.  So, you will have to manually install the driver first, and then install the software.

After using the software, I minimized it by clicking the "-" in the upper right of the window.  When I tried to maximize the window, the shell of the software was displayed, but the fields/text/camera display in the software itself was blank.  So, the software is buggy.

I do NOT recommend this item.
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