CAST IRON TOY PISTOLS, by Charles W. Best.

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CAST IRON TOY PISTOLS, by Charles W. Best.
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 This reference guide is very good. Only 2000 copies were made, and signed , and numbered.  I have copy 264, and I am happy about it.  Alibris found it for me. I am learning by choice about cast iron toy  pistols since cast iron is the most scarce. And in good condition even more scarce. As you may know, scarcity and condition determine price in this hobby.  Another book on Cast Iron Toys and Capshooters is somewhere by Logan and Best.  I do not know what is in the book. I see the book quoted occasionally by knowledgeable sellers.   Observations:  The word ANTIQUE is used very loosely on eBay.  eBay is not going to police the problem.  The word antique and cast iron are both used very unknowledgeably.  Automobiles are considered  antique when 25 years old, not so with furniture and cap guns.  Customs Laws consider and item to be manufactured or made over 100 years to be an antique.  Most sellers using antique are using the work intentionally to get more money for the item.  And when confronted the sellers get quite belligerent.  One will need to search the net for more than one dictionary or source to get a good definition. Most definitions are very wishy washy , and intentionally I am certain. So the word Antiques should be challenged. Vintage should say the year of vintage, as in 1930 Vintage. I would welcome any discussion on the Antique observation.  Ed Dailey, Jr. Feb. 2006,   aka   nestor-patou

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