Buying wholesale/lots for resale

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Buying wholesale/lots for resale
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When buying  wholesale/lots of any item for resale, there are a few good tips to follow.

# 1  Know your product - Pick things you like or have some  knowledge about.  Stick with one type of item at a time. Find ways to change them for resale (example -buy art and matt or frame for a higher resale)                  

# 2  When buying, make sure you take into consideration all costs (buying,shipping and ebay costs) Ask yourself -Will my resale price be able to cover expenses and still make a profit.

 # 3 Choose your course of resale. Break your lots up into individual items or smaller lots.Try putting them back for resale in different areas of ebay. If reselling at fairs, shows ect., make sure you price realistically.

# 4 Be fair with shipping costs. Remember you might make a killing once, but if you are in this for the long haul a happy customer will be a repeat customer and give good feedback (VERY IMPORTANT)

# 5 Stay in touch with all buyers and sellers via emails from start to finish. Customer service is the most important  

# 6  Repeat sucessfull sales with the same sellers if possible (A win win situation for all) 

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