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It has come to our attention that several buyers on ebay do not have up to date/current information in their paypal or ebay accounts when purchasing. When you purchase an item on ebay, sellers ( like ourselves) usually send communications to the email address that is registered with ebay at the time of purchase. If you purchase, then later update your account information, sellers are not shown the new information in our checkout, like the email address and communications will not automatically be sent to the new email. All communications are sent to the email address on file with ebay at the time of purchase. Your order is assigned to that email address on file at the time of purchase.

Please have all account information up to date before purchasing to make sure you receive important order information. Account information includes name, address, phone number, and most importantly is the email address. Some emails we automatically send to our customers include checkout instructions, shipment notifications, etc.

As a reminder, please remember to check your spam filters in your inbox as sometimes emails can get caught in spam filters which sellers have no control over. If you have email accounts such as earthlink, etc, you may need to add the sellers email address to your email account to receive email notifications from them.


When purchasing on ebay, many customers use Paypal as a payment method. When you use paypal , you need to make sure your account information is up to date prior to purchase and before completing checkout. Paypal requires sellers ship to the address in the transaction details page in Paypal to be covered under seller protection. This has been a requirement for quite some time. Many sellers, including our company, ship to the paypal address and that address must be the same as the shipping address provided in checkout. If you have an address discrepency, that will cause order delays.

Your paypal account must be registered in the same country as the ship to location. Please do not purchase an item with a US ebay account, provide a US shipping address in checkout then sent a paypal payment with a non-US account that is not a US address. PayPal only allows one country address per PayPal account.

Customers can have multiple addresses in their paypal account, however, paypal only sends the seller one address in the detail transaction page which is assigned by the customer.The seller has no way to select which paypal address is shown to them. The buyer must make sure the correct address is selected before sending their payment.

If you need an item shipped to an address other than your home address, you need to make sure that the alternative address is added in your Paypal account and make sure that the correct address is selected in Paypal before issuing payment. Review your transaction details in paypal to verify the shipping address is showing correctly.

The seller cannot alter a buyers shipping address in Paypal. If you provide a different address in checkout, that will not automatically update your paypal shipping address. Only the paypal account holder can add/edit the information in their account directly from Paypal.

Paypal does not allow buyers to edit an address once a payment has been sent. If the paypal address is different than what you provide to the seller as a shipping address in their checkout, then the only option is to refund the original payment in order for the buyer to update/correct the shipping address and re-send a new payment with the corrected address. It is very important to have your account information up to date prior to purchase to avoid this.

Information from Paypal

How do I edit, add, or remove an address?

Log in to your PayPal account.

Click My Account at the top of the page.

Click Profile at the top of the page.

Click Street Address under Account Information.

To edit an address, select the address and click Edit. Enter the edits and click Save.

To add an address click Add address at the bottom of the page. Enter the new address and click Save.

To remove an address, select the address and click Remove and click Remove again. If you only have one address in your profile, you must add a new address before you can remove the old one.

How do I edit my street address to an address in another country?

Due to security reasons, PayPal only allows one country address per PayPal account. When moving from country to country, you must close your existing account and open a new account in the country where you are residing.

To close your account, log in to your PayPal account and click Profile at the top of the page. Click the Close Account link located under Account Information and follow the online instructions.

Third Party Checkouts

Some customers are leary of third party checkouts, but they are safe and secure. Usually a logo is shown in the sellers listing of that third party merchant. Many companies ( like ourselves) cannot effectively run our business without the use of this option. Some of the third party providers include, Marketplace Advisor, Vendio, Auctiva, Channel Advisor, etc. We use Channel Advisor for our checkout. Every checkout has its pros and cons so do not just pass on a purchase because the seller uses a third party checkout. They are safe and have many benefits.

eBay takes pride in offering a platform that provides security for Buyers and a unique experience by bringing buyer and seller together to complete a transaction with confidence.

One of the benefits of the Channel Advisor checkout is that it is a secure checkout. It is HTTPS.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http). HTTPS allows secure ecommerce transactions, such as online banking. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox display a padlock icon to indicate that the website is secure, as it also displays https:// in the address bar. When a user connects to a website via HTTPS, the website encrypts the session with a digital certificate. A user can tell if they are connected to a secure website if the website URL begins with https: instead of http:

With the Channel Advisor checkout, customers have the option of paying with a credit card or paypal. When paying with Paypal, your information is kept secure and private. Sellers are not shown your login information. This checkout is not just limited to paypal only so it gives customers other payment options like paying directly with a credit card.

The checkout serves as a gateway to ensure the order is properly updated as paid so your order can be processed. If you were to bypass the checkout, your order would not get marked as paid and would create order delays and possible unpaid item reminders to be sent. It is important to follow proper checkout procedures the seller has established.

For sellers who use Fedex, the Channel advisor checkout has support for Fedex while the ebay checkout does not.

Ebay does have a link in their help files so you can see that Channel Advisor is indeed an eBay Certified Provider of services to Sellers.

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