Buying on Books, Music, Movies, Games & More

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Buying on Books, Music, Movies, Games & More
. Views . Comments Comment . 71 Votes is an eBay marketplace where you can buy Books, Music, Movies, Video Games, and Game Systems at a fixed price.  There is no waiting for an auction to end, and shipping costs for your purchase are standard, so there are no worries about sellers charging excessive shipping cost to you, the buyer.  Sign up is easy!  If you are already an eBay member, just start shopping!  New members can sign up here  You will be asked to register a credit card and for your billing information.  Please note- The seller NEVER sees your credit card information.  Your payment goes to, and then reimburses the seller.

How it works
Items are listed in categories by the quality of the item.  For example, in the  Books Category the conditions are: Brand New, Like New, Very Good, Good and Acceptable.  Quality definitions for each category- Books, Textbooks, Music, Movies, and Games can be found here:  (scroll down to “How do I rate Item quality”)  This describes Quality Definitions for each category.

How To Find a Reputable Seller
A good seller will describe the item you are looking for with specific information about the item.  A blank description or a “canned” description that shows up on every one of the seller’s items is something to be wary of.  Look for sellers that describe the item well.  Sellers that use the term “may have” (faults) are ones that you should stay away from.

Look at the seller’s feedback.  If the seller has feedback that indicates they have unhappy buyers, don’t buy from them!  Even if they are the lowest priced seller for what item you want, if their feedback percentage is low because they have multiple negative feedbacks, beware of buying from them.  By clicking on the seller’s feedback number you can view past transactions with other buyers, and the comments other buyers left for the seller. 

If you want to ask a seller a question before purchasing an item, just  use the Contact Member link after clicking on the seller’s feedback number.

When you find a seller you like, you can add that seller to your “Favorite Seller” list.

How To Search For an Item
You can search for an item with keywords (Such as title, author, category, artist, game platform, ISBN or SPCN) just as you can search on eBay.  Search tips can be found here:  If you can't find what you are looking for, you can create a Wish List.  You will then receive periodic Wish List update emails from!

After You Have Purchased an Item
After you have purchased an item, you will receive an email acknowledging your purchase.  You can view all the details of the purchase on the My Account page.  You will be able to see the date ordered, seller name, shipping, address and the account your payment is coming from. 

How Your Item Will Be Shipped
Media Mail is the default shipping option for most items.  It is the least expensive way to ship, but it is also usually the slowest.  Many sellers offer Expedited Shipping in addition to Media Mail.  Expedited Shipping is more expensive, but faster.  These Items will arrive by Priority Mail.  A seller has up to 72 hours to ship your item.  Many sellers ship same or next day!

When you receive your item and you are happy with the transaction you can leave positive feedback for the seller. If you are unsatisfied or there is a problem with the item, please contact your seller for resolution before leaving negative feedback. The following link answers questions regarding feedback: is a safe, inexpensive, and quick place to buy Books, Music, Movies, Video Games, and Game Systems.

Try it out at !

Other helpful links: Help:

HDC Discussion Board:  (This board is made up of many experienced sellers and buyers.  There is a "read first" thread near the top of the board with an abundance of helpful information and links.  You can also use  "search the board" for certain topics or questions that may have already been asked.)

HDC Customer Service phone:  1-800-545-9857  7:30-4:30 p.s.t. M-F

This Guide was written with the help of the Discussion Board.

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