Buying items on ebay from China Sellers and Hong Kong

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I'm sure there must be many honest sellers in China.  Unfortunately I haven't met very many.  I wanted to tell you some of the things to be careful about.  The prices are so low its hard to ignore.  Incidentially the self same things I'm about to discribe do happen in all countries and the US so it might not be polite just to label China.  Look for these type of things on all auctions especially where there is no reserve, a very low starting price and or very high shipping.  

Here is a typical head line for a ring lets say:  14K Gold Ring with 4 ctw Sapphire starting bid $1.00, you bid $1.00 and you win the ring and they ship it to you. You leave positive feed back and you decide to bid on lets say 4 items of the same type.  Now you'll find that no matter what you bid the bid keeps increasing.  Take a look at the bids on the item I'll give you 10 to 1 all of the people bidding against you on each auction is the self same person.  Gee what a surprise. Oh and the ring you got they were correct its 14K gold and it is a 4 ctw Sapphire but they left off the part where the 14K gold stops at the plating and the Sapphire was made in a Chinese factory.  I guess they think all Americans are stupid.  And the old saying that if it looks to good to be real, it probably isn't still applies today.  Tread very softly when bidding on items from China. Hopefully you'll meet the honest sellers from there. If you do drop me a line I like stories with a happy ending :-)

Having said all of that I have found and purchased a great many jewelry items from China that started at $1.00 and shipping was more than reasonable at around $14.  The rings were beautifully made and while they were discribed as 10K or 14K even 18K with a Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, etc., they were in fact plated and the stones man made.  "BUT" they were still a bargain at the price charged and the quality of the items were terrific.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you get an item for $1.00 and $14 shipping its unreasonable to expect that you're going to get a piece that is actually solid 10K, 14K, 18K gold with a natural stone. So bid knowing this and you're be happy with what you get most of the time. Some of the pieces I have received I truely do not know how they can sell them for $1.00 + postage not withstanding they are fakes. They are that well put together? 

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