Buying and selling atv parts and ebay motor parts

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Alot of parts for 4 wheeler and 2 wheelers, like wise cars and trucks are interchangable.

For instance, a chevy 305 motor can fit into a caprice and a montecarlo, as well as silverado.

If you are in need of a truck motor many cars might have them. Also the 305 block and the 350 block are the same.

So you may want to do a bit of research to find what engines will fit and search for all cars and trucks that might work for you.

On atv's many 400ex parts such as a rear axle bearing carrier will fit other bikes such as a 250r.

A seller should know what his parts fit onto. As well as a buyer.

The seller can get a better dollar by listing it correctly, while a buyer gets it much cheaper due to the sellers neglect.

When listing try to figure out how many different ways you can search for the same thing.

Run your own searches to find your products. Revise them as needed.

Such as you look up 305 motor. And then realize that 305 engine doesnt come up.

So revise and add (engine).

Look how other people put up add's for there motor's or like product to yours.

Learn from other fortunes's NOT YOUR MISSFORTUNE"S.

Good luck out there. I hope you don't read this and i get all your part's for dirt cheap becuase you where to lazy.

But if you did read it, grab top dollar!!!!!!!!!

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