Buying a used tanning bed

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Just a quick note to help those going after a tanning bed(used or new) on Ebay;It may seem like a lot of work but limit your search to a area you are willing to drive to and inspect/pick up the bed.My first transaction on Ebay was to buy a big ticket item. Keeping to my rules I searched within a 200 mile area,sent 3 or 4 emails to the seller asking whatever questions I could get from the New tanning beds listed on Ebay(helped more then anything),kept good tabs on the values other went for.Figured my cost in getting the bed to my house by myself and laid my bids down like I wanted it.After winning I simpily rented a Uhaul van for $75.00 drove to the sellers house and inspected all the connections,bulbs etc. loaded the bed up and a little over a hour later I was home with a $4,000.00 tanning bed in mint shape that only cost me $501.00.That was almost 9 years ago and the bed still works without  a problem.Other then going down to pay/pick up the bed this should be accounted to the communication line I established with the seller!We were very relaxed with each other and we both got what we came to Ebay for.Enjoy.Use lotion ;)
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