Buying a (turn-key, pre-built) Website

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You will find many, many, many web sites for sale on ebay!  This is an obvious fact if you have searched for one, epecially a pre-built, or turn-key website.   These terms are almost overused and the idea is more exiting than the reality.  Yes, these guys sell lots of sites; Yes, they deliver what is promised. 

So, what is wrong with this.  Nothing, except you will not have anything special except the advertising time and money you put into it.

If you are going to pay more than 20 dollars for a cookie cutter site keep looking, they usually go for cheap, but keep an eye on the shipping charges, these sellers are natorious for adding in a sneaky shipping charge for transfer of the domain or some such.

These sites are great if you are web savy, but if you don't know anything about web hosting setup or html, you should be aware that some of these sellers don't know much more than you or me, they will ask for a lot of info, and usually force or walk you towards there own hosting service as an additional fee per month or per year, so look out for this as well.


If you want to really get a good site that will produce money, read my next guide called "Buying a Profitable Website Business".

Bye, for now,

Nickolas J. Simpson

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