Buying Wholesale Gymboree & Designer worth it or not?

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Buying Wholesale Gymboree & Designer worth it or not?
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Should you buy Gymboree or Boutique Designer Lots? Yes or No?

Simple NO and here is how YOU can get more for YOUR MONEY buying this way vs. online wholesale lots. This is exactly what I myself do.

When you look the searches you will see many wholesale and huge resell lots available? Are they worth it or not? Do you get what you want or not? Many times the clothing is all picked over sizes, too small that won't resell well or too big that won't resell well.


My answner is NO they are not worth it.  Many times items are from outlets that are also flawed. Many times the new with tag are not with tag. Many times the items have issues such as a stain and the tag is still on or piling and the shirt has never been worn or so they say? Many times you get stuck with many accessories socks, hair items that you don't have outfits to match. Many times the items in the pictured auction is not what you get. I like to know what I am getting and I like to offer only the best items to my customers and to my family.

Here is why my way is better, if you buy clearance items at Gymboree and earn Gymbucks at Gymboree you can then go back in at redemption time and actually buy more stuff for your money. At redemption time only buy on sale items, that means stuff that is already reduced 20% up to 60% off already use your Gymbucks for more savings?

Why pay 350.00,500.00 to 1000.00 on a wholesale lot  plus shipping charges when you can buy more at Gymboree with sale items using Gymbucks and pick what items you want to resell?  I usually try to earn about 500.00 or more in Gymbucks during the earning period. That means during the earning period I buy only onsale stuff to either resale or buy for my kids. I sometimes do buy full priced items if my kids really want something really bad.

Ok earn those Gymbucks!! Redemption comes around and you find they have clearance tee tops and onsies at 3.99 each and dresses and skirts marked down to like 12.99 and 9.99 ok get the popular sizes such as 18-24M, 2T,3T,4T, 5,6,7 is as large as I prefer to go. Ok sometimes I will get some size 8 clothing if it looks hip and if the price is super cheap. OK let's say you earned 650.00 in Gymbucks, ok you end up with clearanced items all to purchase and using your Gymbucks you can end up paying about 650.00 and have a total savings of about 2000.00 I have done it and it is possible. It is all about finding the right sizes and they right clearance that you have researched on ebay that you know will sell.

Why pay 300.00-1000.00 on a wholesale lot that you don't know exactly what you are getting? Why pay for that and shipping? When really you can get so much more buying clearance at Gymboree during Gymbuck earning times and then using those Gymbucks at Redemption on the remainder of clearance to resell?

Buying boutique clothing during off season times is great. Such as Spring buy any of last fall winter items to sell for back to school. You can purchase it reduced and make money on it later. Why pay for these wholesale lots when you can do it yourself? When you can pick the sizes and the items and not be stuck with sizes you can't resell?

I hope this helps


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