Buying & Selling On e-Bay : GETTING STARTED

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Buying & Selling On e-Bay : GETTING STARTED
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           One of the best ways to get started selling on e-Bay is buying items in bulk or in lots. Start small and buy things that you enjoy like a personal hobby or things you like to collect. Look for lots of say 5-10 of these items so you can re-sell them one at a time. Most of the time you can get items for much cheapier by buying items in bulk or in lots. A lot of 5 Disney Snow Globes might go for $50.00 on e-Bay, these same globes will fetch an easy $14.95-$19.95 each doubling your initial investment. It takes roughly 2-weeks to get the items from purchase date depending on seller, a day or two to take pics and post onto e-Bay, and auctions can run from 1-10 days once posted. Payments are usually received within 5-7 days from auction ending date. Basically you are looking at a quick and easy way to double your money in about a months time ! Take $50.00 and put it in your bank savings and see how much return you get after 30-days from it or buy a 6-month or 1-year CD and see how much you make at the end of a full year ? If done the right way, and research into your sellers feedback and items sales history is a must, there is money to be made for even a novice.

         On that note, RESEARCH IS A MUST !! Research your sellers feedback BEFORE you make a bid, if there are negatives read them and see why ? Negatives left from several different users for non-receipt of items is not someone you want to risk your money with where as someone whom has only a few negatives for slow shipping may be someone you are willing to send your money. You can check through the past 30-days worth of completed sales of an item by simply typing in the item key word under search, say Disney Snow Globes again. Once the page loads up for all the different globes currently available on e-Bay, click on completed items on the far left side of the screen. This will bring up all of the past 30-days ended auctions for you with actual sold items ending prices listed in bright green lettering. There isn't any better way to see what price range an item will end for than by using this key feature that e-Bay offers. You can even narrow your item down to exactly what you are wanting to sell and see what others of the same have ended for. Example : 2000 Tom Brady Ultra Rookie Card might show that in the past 30-days 5 ended for $15 , 4 ended for $17-$20 range, and 1 ended for $25.00 Your Brady Ultra rookie will probably fetch you in the $17-$20 range. It is always a good idea while you are checking out these numbers to check some of the higher ending prices, in this case the $25.00 Brady Ultra rookie, and see what might have made it end for higher than the others ? Did this seller have a much nicer picture included, maybe more than 1-picture ? Did this seller use the Gallery feature, Bold Face, ect ? Maybe an offer was included in the description, bonus card, maybe cheapier shipping charges than the other sellers with the same card ? Being able to accept multi-forms of payments is always a factor resulting in a higher sales price. Sellers whom offer the same exact card but only accept money orders (No Paypal, No Personal Checks, ect) will almost always have their items end for far less. 

      Well, hope some of the above info is helpful and please check out my e-Bay e-Store at the top right of this guide page for more than 2,300+ great items ranging from sportscards including rookie cards, jersey cards, autographed cards, ser#'ed cards,  hats, drug rep promotional items, magazines, scrapbooking materials, Barbie,  clocks, and much more !



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