Buying Sanrio Stickers? What are the choices?

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Finding Authentic Sanrio Stickers

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Different Choices of Authentic Sanrio Stickers

How many kind of Sanrio stickers are out there? Do you want to make a guess? I believe there is no definite answer to this question.

To categorize them from the materials of made, we have the classic Glossy Stickers, Puffy Stickers, the Shiny Foil Stickers, the adoable Jello Look Sticks, the very Classy Corky Sticker, the Textile Stickers e.g. Silk-look Stickers, Flannette-look Stickers, the heat sensitive Thermo Stickers, the eye-catching Mosaic-look Stickers, the Scented Stickers, the Easy-to-Identify Luggage Stickers etc. This list just goes on and on.

Besides, we have the specially designed Reflector Stickers, those are rare in the market. The Top Quality Embroidered Iron-On Stickers are sort of extincted from the market, Uppreciate has a few vintage items of them in collection. The bad part is that, exhaustive effort of searching has provide in vain. Sanrio is not making them. Other than that, there are also Phone-Nail Stickers, which sticks well on any electronic items and let you transform a plain and standard looking device into a funky gadget that catches everyone's eye! Better yet, they can be applied on nails!

Watch out for Counterfeits

Sanrio's stickers are beautiful, lovely, and popular, so there is no lacking of knockoff items in the market! Here are some clues that hopefully help you avoid being victimized in the counterfeit scams.

1. First of all, look out for the appearances of the characters. That is, very often, knockoffs are printed with some extend of defects. For examples, Hello Kitty's outlines are not smooth; you may notice ridges here and there.

2. Characters with weirdo designs. At times, you may find items with designs which are not "harmonious" with the original character nature. Ths would be difficult to explain, but, let's say, a Pom pom Purin with blood all over? I hope you get my point.

3. Sanrio stickers are made of top quality adhesive. That means, their adhesiveness i.e. the power to stick on the proper items for the first time, remains over years. Knockoffs just have no match on that.

4. You also need to watch out for items of outrageous low pricing. Of course, no one can say for sure that an item is selling at a low price infers a counterfeit.

The following, top quality collectible stickers that we are selling at Uppreciate. Shhh, Uppreciate's collections are vintage and rare!

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