Buying Rare Books on Ebay

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Their are a few things to take into account when buying a rare book on eBay.  Things that need to be taken into consideration so you get what you are looking for and don't get ripped off.  I like to call these the Rules of Common Sense, they work every time.

Rules of Common Sense Book Buying!

  1. Always check feedback!  I can't stress this enough, you can avoid allot of problems if you do a little research.

  2. Check the negative ratings on the person feedback, and note the reasons for the negative.  If a seller has more that 2 negative feedback in a month and a total of say 10 or more, there really might be a problem. 

  3. Always note the reason for the feedback as well.  If there are several negative feedback saying that a person never got the book, don't bid.  It's better to wait and get what you want than to pay for a book and not receive it.

  4. When you are looking for negative feedback click on the item number that is associated with the feedback.  That way you can see what item they were selling, this is very helpful when buying books.  This way you can see if they deal only in books, and what books they have sold.

  5. If a listing is blank and all that is listed is the pre-filled information, ask the seller questions about the book before bidding.  If the seller doesn't get back to you, it's best not to buy from them.  A seller that answers questions is a seller that is worth dealing with.

  6. If there are no pictures with the book and you are paying allot of money it's always best to ask the seller if they can see some pictures of the book.  This way you are sure you get what you pay for.

  7. If a signature looks fake than 9 times out of 10 it is fake.  Do some research on the authors signature before buying a signed book.  You can go to the authors web page to match, or if you have an existing signature compare them.  As with all things signatures change over time, so make sure you notice this when buying.

  8. When you are buying a rare first edition, make sure it is a first edition first printing!

  9. Remember a little time researching is allot better than filling out a claim with eBay!  Trust me it takes time and energy!

These are just a few simple rules that i follow when buying from a seller on eBay.  As in all things you have the ultimate choice in what you purchase.  But if you buy something and you get burned, first check the research you did.  Don't Blame Ebay! 

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