Buying Power Tools And Accessories On ebay.

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Buying power tools and accessories on ebay can be a great way to save money. But there are some pitfalls you should be aware of to make sure you really are getting a great deal.  I have been in the power tool and accessory business for almost 15 years and I like to watch the different tools coming across for auction.  I have seen some great deals go by along with some really hard to find items.  Unfortunately, I have also seen some high prices payed on some tools and accessories that I would not be comfortable offering to my customers.  I spend a good part of each week on the job site with contractors, and they tell me in no uncertain terms what they like and what they don't and why.  Below are a few things to consider as you shop for tools and accessories on ebay.

  • Used verses new.  There are some great deals to be had on both new and used power tools on ebay.  If it is corless tool, consider the age of the tool.  Rechargeable batteries ony have so many cycles and as they age, they will hold less of a charge and have less power.  If you have to replace the batteries, they often times cost as much as the tool.  Knowing what the tool cost new is a great benefit in making an informed purchase.  Watch for demo models and closeouts.  Often times these are new stock of discontinued models that are a great deal. Again, I would stay with the brand names, Bosch, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, DeWalt and Makita, you know the names.  There are many cheap generic tools on the market, but where would you get them fixed?  A  $29 rotary hammer just isn't the same tool as a Bosch Bulldog costing $200 .

  • Powder Actuated Tools.  This is another area where you may be able to save some money.  Try to stay with brand names, Ramset and Hilti are the main two.  Know what pins and loads the tool uses, to make sure you can get supplies.  Many of these tools, even used are very serviceable and have alot of life left in them.  As for the gas tools like the Trakfast, these tools are a litlle more complicated and you could find some hidden problems inside.  If it is a reputable dealer and he assures you the tool functions properly, you should be ok.

  • Accessories.  I see alot of carbide hammer bits, saw blades and other type of drill bits for sale on ebay.  I recommend staying with the brand names, Bosch, Hilti, DeWalt, Dril Tec and Heller.  There are many generic hammer bits and blades on line, and if you have just hole or two to drill, you may want to give them a try but there is a reason that they are so inexepnsive.

  • The seller.  I in know way want to put down any ebayer, I think it is great that you can sell anything on ebay.  But really, how much does a seller offering wrist watches and Star Wars figures know about the quality or condition of a tool?

  • Greed.  We are all looking for a good deal and we love the thrill of winning an auction.  But don't bid just to win. Is it really the last cordless drill you are going to see on ebay!?

In a nut shell, know what you are buying, know what it's worth, know who it's coming from and you will do well buying tools and accessories on ebay. Check out our ebay store for some great deals.  Construction Fastening Store



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