Buying Gift Cards on eBay

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Get discounts at stores that usually dont offer them
One of the things that I use ebay for, is to buy gift cards. Usually gift cards are sold at a lower price than the actual gift card is worth. This comes especially in handy for those stores you love to shop at that usually dont have sales or discounts. 

The most important thing about buying gift cards from eBay is checking the seller history. My general rule of thumb is if they have any rating lower than a 98%, I look elsewhere. I also like to read the neutral and negative review given by other buyers. The last thing you want is to end up with a card that is being sold with less than what you are purchasing it for. SCAM! 

Tip: eBay sometimes sends out discount "coupons" to your account for ___% off your purchase. This is a great time to purchase a gift card for a store you regularly shop at, or plan to shop at in the future. Not only do you get the discount the seller is offering, but also an additional discount from eBay. For example, I once bought a gift card to my favorite beauty store. an eBay seller was selling a card with $100 for $90. Thats a 10% discount right there. I then applied my eBay coupon at checkout which was another 15% off. In the end, I ended up getting a $100 card for $75.

Here's an example of a great gift card find click here.
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