Buyers beware fake micro-sd cards from abushahidm!!!!

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This is just to get the information out about this sellers fraudulent Micro-sd cards. I had purchased a 32gb micro sd card from  abushahidm for my tablet to put games on. I received the item about 5 days later than the estimate first of all ok I would have let that slide since it was a "good deal" so after receiving the item, I inserted the micro-sd into my tablet, sure enough it was recognized as being 32gb! so I start transfering my games,music, etc.. over to the card, I noticed after the first 3 files I copied over  it became extremely slow (yea right class 10!) more like class 0... so I noticed there was something up with the card..

so I take it out of my tablet and insert it in my laptop card reader, sure enough windows notices the card being 32gb as well. but wait! only around 2gb of the data I had copied over actually worked (about 10gb worth of movies,music etc.. showed up as 0 in size) and could not be played, copied after searching around I noticed I was not the only one he had sold these too...sadly hundreds of people have bought these fakes from him and many left good feedback as it does show up the size specified but once you go over 2gb all the files are corrupted..

you would not know they are fake unless you instantly started copying files over 2gb to the cards in turn you think you have a working full sized card when indeed they are fakes flashed to appear as the said storage capacity all with printing on the card to make it even more believable to be real. after contacting the seller about the fake, I was offered a full refund, of course the hastle of waiting for the item being late on arrival, the $3.00 in shipping, and the $3.00 it would cost to return it would end up costing half of the item price so not really worth it, but then to top it off I was asked did I want to have a feedback reversal sent to me (to change the negative feedback I gave) it was claimed the item was defective... after searching around google it is a known practice that these sellers claim the item is defective not fake, but with the program H2testw 1.4  you can test the cards to see the real amount of data the cards are and see if they are fakes.

It was not a lot of money, so I do not so much care if I get refunded or not, but this person is making thousands selling these fakes, and will probably be allowed to keep profiting from it, so this not so much guide is to warn others who may fall for it and end up losing money possibly even lots of money if buying bulk, and to try to get these types of crap off of ebay! I bought something with the expectations of receiving what I had paid for, if ebay really cares about us members and protecting us then they should investigate and remove these sellers from being able to continue this practice. If any person in doubt of this or thinks I have anything to gain from it, I will gladly provide proof of my claims.

If no one speaks out and just accepts a refund then this just allows more people to be scammed out of their money for fake products when they could use that money to buy the real thing. BEWARE OF BUYING THESE CARDS! thanks you for your time reading through my run on sentences, I typed this in a hurry.
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