Burberrys, BURBERRY, Prorsum Labels

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** Read Me First **
1. This guide was written with COATS and JACKETS in mind. I do not guarantee if the information is applicable to Bags, Wallets, Mufflers, Shoes, Shirts, etc.
2. I'll help if I can, but if you rely on my advice I won't take responsibility of your action.
About Burberry spelling:
There are at least two types of Burberry labels, the first one reads 'Burberrys' (First character is capital B, the rest are small and with s. The single quotes are also printed) and the second one reads BURBERRY (all capital, without s). The Burberry main office in London has confirmed that they are both authentic The company changed the label from 'Burberrys' to BURBERRY 9 years ago (I wrote this guide in 2008 so it was around 1999)

Next the outlines of Burberry's brand:
'Burberrys' goods were likely made in UK. A small number were produced in Italy and USA.

This label has a few variations. The word and the knight may be placed next to each other. Some labels may have the colors inverted (blue letters on white background)

BURBERRY LONDON is likely the most common brand now. The feature is simple, it has the word "London" on it.  Those words are printed on either navy blue or beige label. In very rare case the background is red.  In other items like pants, the label is a embossed on a piece of brown leather. The equestrian symbol might or might not be printed. In simpler products like shirts it is usually omitted.  The Burberry London items are likely the most produced now. Some jackets and coats are now produced in Malaysia. Leather jackets are manufactured in Turkey and Italy. Cashmere jackets are also made in Italy. I also found some polo shirts manufactured in Japan.

BURBERRY BLACK LABEL and BLUE LABEL are two labels available only for Japanese market. I think Burberry brand was once licensed to a local company called Sanyo Shokai corporation (三陽商会) . This company handles the designing, the items are manufactured in China. Only a handful are made in Japan.

Blue label usually has the word "London", while black label never has it.

There are at least two versions of Black Labels. The one with the equestrian is usually found on coats. The simpler one is found from jackets to shirts. Black Label Briefcases and bags also have a same design of label, only the material is not cloth but a piece of metal.

When browsing Black or Blue Label items, it is important to read the tag, either the price tag or the fabric composition tag. You can guess that all the lines ended with % are the materials. But you also need to verify at least two important lines. One is the name of the company that own the distribution right Sanyo Corp (三陽会社) and the country that manufactures it ( 日本製 = made in Japan、中国製 = made in China )

Burberry Prorsum is the stuff of  the runway. The items don't always exhibit the nova check pattern. The label shows the word BURBERRY, the equestrian,  "ESTABLISHED 1856", "PRORSUM COLLECTION" or any combination of those. Some labels are red in color.  There is no word "LONDON". The items are almost exclusively made in Italy although some are made in England.


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