Burberry Scarf - How to tell Authentic vs Fake!

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You know you would like to own a Burberry Scarf one day because of their high status and quality. Unfortunately, learning how to tell if you have an authentic Burberry scarf is a must BEFORE you buy and the price alone (these can run over $1,000+)  is enough reason to educate yourself about the authenticity of scarves made by Burberry.

1. BURBERRY scarf fake box on the "BURBERRY" Logo for general printing & genuine BURBERRY scarf on the box "BURBERRY" Logo for laser-printed, with a slight change in color in different light.

2. BURBERRY counterfeit trademark scarf joints in the use of close-pin on the scarf, the scarf of the genuine use of the trademark BURBERRY 4:00 fixed to the scarf, the scarf when used, it is easy to cut the tag off trademarks.

3. Finally, the most important information in the product label, the description of the characteristics of goods such as color, product number, size information is displayed in the tag. Before each indicator have a “rice”-like symbols, the symbols at different positions of the eight ports bold, used as security-related information.

Figure: show NO “PRODUCT” in front of the “m”-like symbol, is the left end of the three ports bold; display size “SIZE” in front of the “m”-like symbols, is only two eight-port port the end is not bold. These become the scarf of genuine security information, it is said there is no tag on the scarf BURBERRY two of these symbols are identical.

More Tips

Educate yourself

Lets get on with it,first off, knowing what to look for is the first line of defense when learning how to spot fake Burberry scarves, and doing the research before hand will give you an incredible edge. Start by taking time to visit your local Burberry shop or outlet store and checking the scarves and there labels, this is very important. Burberry HAS factories in England & China, so if your scarf reads "Made in China" do NOT freak out - it may be legitimate!


Burberry scarves sold at the "Official Burberry site" range in price on average between $225 to $750, so if you find one unusually cheap($60-$100), especially on eBay, that should raise a red flag. Another way to tell if you have or are getting an authentic Burberry scarf is to ask someone who is an authority about Burberry scarves, such as outlet store employees if your shopping at an outlet store, forums if your shopping online, eBay offer's an excellent forum with people that know their products and how to determine product authenticity. Simply post the item number with your concerns and it won't be long before you receive a thumbs up or down about your scarf. (See the Purse's Discussion Board/Forum).

eBay Sellers

If you are purchasing on eBay, make sure the seller has a track record of selling Burberry Products. A sure way to confirm an eBayer is selling fake Burberry scarves is if they are listing many of them. Most sellers do not have a large inventory of $400 Burberry Scarves! Also, if they have low or no feedback, then you are most likely purchasing a FAKE. The final way to tell if you may be purchasing a fake on eBay is the PRICE and LOCATION of the seller. If the price is too good to be true, it ACTUALLY is. Also, if the seller is located in Japan or China, you are guaranteed a fake Burberry Scarf!

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