Building Your Residual Income

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                             What is Residual income

Earning Residual Income is the key to long term marketing success.  Residual  income is income that keeps coming in month after month,  year after year, from work you do just One Time

"Residual Income" is term now being used in network marketing to describe  income received periodically for services rendered in the past,  this is usually with non-tangible products such as insurance or  memberships.

As an example, Mary becomes a distributor in the Good Insurance Company. She services many customers who remain in the books for  a period of time.

After a certain period of time, depending on the company, Mary  receives a percentage of the premuim or plan from whatever  customers sign under her umbrella of business

If Mary goes out and services 1,000 customers and she gets 25% of  whatever her price of the service cost, (let's say 40 dollars for conversation  sake)

Mary would receive 10,000 dollars per month whether or not she  is working. She is getting paid for all the memberships she has marketed in  the past.

Math = 25% of 40 = 10 residual income base x 1,000 memberships  = 10,000 dollars monthly = 120,000 dollar annually for no work  rendered but for all the previous work rendered for whatever period  of time she has worked in thecompany.  Retrieved from  "Wikipedia"

            Building Your Residual Income 
Welcome to the World of Building Residual Income

Hundreds, even  thousands, of dollars can come to you ,every day, when you build  up a successful business, and we're going to show you how to do  it!

You don't need complicated equipment, a lot of capital, or an  expensive office to start with. But you do need determination, a place to work (your home will do fine for a beginning),  and a  very good product.

Before you begin to sell anything, take a moment to think about  the possibilities to hit the real jackpot in terms making money in your business,

Whatever it is that you will eventually sell, must be well planned, timely, and draw lots ofepeat business. You are  going to have to look at what others are selling, to see what  kinds of products sell well!

Remember that the better prepared you are before you actually  place your first ad, the better able you will be to cope with  buying, selling, shipping (if needed) and all the other new  responsibilities you will have.

But don't let all this talk of responsibility scare you away-It  is still one of the least complicated ways to get set on the road to financial independence, and possibly great wealth!

There are many different ways to generate residual income across  a wide variety of businesses. Recurring income from using Affiliate  Programs has become a popular way to Market Online using sources such  as AdSense, Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, ClickBank and Google.

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                Getting Started  Using Affilliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketer Defined :According to The World’s Glossary of Internet Terms,

 “Affiliate Marketer is defined as: “A business relationship with a merchant or other service provider who allows you to link to that business. When a visitor clicks on the link at your site and subsequently makes a purchase from the merchant, you receive a commission based on the amount of the sale, a referral fee or a pay-for-click fee.”

This is a simple, straight-forward agreement between a merchant and an affiliate.

Budding affiliate marketers run into a problem when they try to reverse the success process. Instead of starting at the beginning, they try to start at the end.

Making money is the end of the process. The beginning of the process is education and there are several steps in between.

Too many people, who are just getting started in affiliate marketing, fail to take the steps necessary to get to the end of the process and actually make money.

Step #1: Educate yourself. This is the key, opening the door of opportunity. It's also the common thread connecting successful affiliate marketers. Education lays the foundation - the building blocks to success. Start by gathering the best information you can find about affiliate marketing and absorbing it.

Step #2: Turn that information into usable knowledge. Even the best information remains kind of worthless, however, until after you discover how to use it - how to make it serve your purpose.

Step #3: Start applying the knowledge ... take action ...start building your affiliate business. Will you make mistakes, even though you've invested all that time educating yourself? Yes, you most likely will make mistakes.

Step #4: Test and tweak, test and tweak. This one never ends. And it's often the dividing line between succeeding and failing. Attention to small details often returns big rewards.

Following these steps will define you as a successful affiliate marketer.

What exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the single fastest growth industry on the Internet. It’s also true that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and most creative ways to make money and have a career on the Internet.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is selling products on a commission basis.

You own a business that advertises and sells products for other companies.

You may have a product of your own to begin with or not. The things that a successful affiliate marketer must have are:

1.    Your website is the jumping off point of all your marketing efforts. So the first step in any successful affiliate marketing business is building a good, credible and professional looking website. You must build a user-friendly website, which will attract your prospects and motivate them to click on the links to the products and services you are promoting and make a purchase. There are companies whose business is building websites that you can hire to build one for you.

2.    You must find products to sell, you must be able to determine whether there is a demand for those products and if people will actually buy them. 

You may either have your own original product or products that are made by others. Which ever way you go, you must believe in the products.

3.    It will be necessary for you to become an adept advertiser and be able to tell whether the advertising you are paying for is producing more income for you than the advertising is costing you.

4.    It is necessary that you have good mathematical skills. You will need to be able to track your sales and determine profit, as well as, see to it that your suppliers are paid in full and on time.

5.    You need the full and unwavering support of your family so that you can devote the time and energy necessary to launch your affiliate marketing business.

                        Making Back-End & Residual Commissions

Residual income puts money in an affiliate marketer’s pocket without any work or effort on their part. It doesn’t get any better than that. Sales of back-end products allow you to get paid for work that you do more than once.

The idea here is to work smarter…not harder.

So what are back-end products? They are products/services you offer to existing customers, i.e. to people who have already bought a first product (front-end product. lead product) from you.

Most online marketers make much more money selling customers the second,
third, fourth etc. product than selling their first product. The reason is that people who've already bought from you once are much more likely to buy again.

Strategies like back-end offers shifts the focus from the short sighted "take the money and run" strategy that is so much in use on the internet today.

You've seen these sites all over. The focus is on getting a massive amount of traffic and then selling visitors an over-priced product that doesn't deliver what was promised. They might make money in the short run but they will only sell to each customer once and will have to continue spending a lot of money on advertising to get new suckers to visit their site.
More successful sites focus on building a strong relationship with their
customers. Your main goal shouldn't be to just make sure your customers are somewhat want them to be extremely satisfied. If you deliver the goods, your customers will trust you more. If you have their trust, you can sell them anything. When you send your very satisfied customers an email offering another product that they would be interested in, they will flock to your site to buy it because they trust you. Trust is everything.

           Setting Up your Affiliate Marketing System

There is much speculation about how much money you can earn online without your own product. Marketing your own digital product on the Internet can be very lucrative but there is no reason why you can’t profit a great deal by using creative methods that offer real value to Internet surfers and have your own product as well.

An affiliate program is really not as difficult to set up as you may think.

Thanks to the high demand for affiliate systems recently, there are now lots of ways to set up your own program.

Here's what you need to set one up:

1. A web site with your own domain name.

2. At least one product or service that you own completely.

3. A system to handle commission tracking and payment.
That sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Well, actually it is! And it's getting
easier all the time.

The first two items listed above are self-explanatory. Of course, you need your own website and your own product or service. You can't very well set up an associate program if you don't own the site or the product(s) you will be promoting. If you have not taken these two steps, you'll need to do them first. Once you've managed to get by these two steps, you can move right to step three, setting up your program.

You will need to search the Internet for a system that will handle commission tracking and payment. You can try to do this yourself but you will most likely miss some and missed ones are missed income. There are free ones, as well as, paid ones.

The positive aspects of an associate management system are many:

1. You can sign on associates more rapidly and grow a larger force of resellers.

2. You'll enjoy the automation and online management of affiliates.

3. These systems provide full sales statistics for both you and your associates.

4. But  If you choose to sell Affilliate Programs or  digital items  and you  are new to selling these items online  be aware that a few developers state that you cannot  alter the sales page except the price, payment links,etc. )

If you do not alter the sales page it will be similar to dozens, if not hundreds of others on the Internet. This will give you another great way to earn profits from  Your efforts

  If you are Creative You can  create and Market Your Own Products, Using Articles, ebook software, templates etc, Like I did in creating this one 

 You can Make Residual Income From an   ebook .   (even this one) AND it won't require you a lot of your time to implement!

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