Buddy Check Checklist for Diving

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Buddy Check Checklist for Diving
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Purpose: Guide to thorough buddy checks

When to use: Immediately prior to entering the water.

  1. Air on
  2. Tank strap secure
  3. Primary second-stage regulator breathes easily
  4. Primay and octopus purges functional
  5. Octopus (safe second) breathes easily
  6. Octopus secured to BC
  7. Low-pressure inflator hose connected
  8. Power inflator operable
  9. Oral inflator operable
  10. Deflation mechanisms operable
  11. Gauge displays accurate air pressure reading
  12. Gauge console secured to BC
  13. BC cummerbund/fasteners closed and secure
  14. BC pockets closed
  15. BC partially inflated
  16. Weight Belt in place and secure
  17. Integrated weights in place and secure
  18. Integrated-weight ditch mechanism(s) operable
  19. Proper amount of weight worn
  20. Timing device in place
  21. Dive knife secure
  22. Exposure protection zipped
  23. Gloves/hood in place
  24. Dive boots zipped
  25. Fins donned and straps secure
  26. Mask in place/defogged
  27. Mask strap secure/properly positioned
  28. Snorkel in place and secure
  29. All accessory gear secured and functional
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