Buddha for Birthday

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Buddha for Birthday
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" Paang Tawi Netr "
Buddha of freedom
Anyone born on Sunday have a carefree and wise character
They are loved by friend and family.

" Harm Tawi Samoot "
Buddha Protection
The one on Monday have been born
a good memory, are serious and love to travel.

" Paang Saiyasna "
Buddha of True
Anyone born on Tuesday have a board interest,
are active, brave and serious.

" Paang Oomblat "
Buddha of Humility
Anyone born on Wednesday to keep of hard work,
they are honest and dedicated.

" Paang Nung Samadhi "
Buddha of Inner Peace
Anyone born on Thursday , have a good heart,
they are honest.peaceful and thankful.

" Rum Paang Puang "
Buddha of Communications
Anyone born on Friday, keeping comfort and pleasure,
they are ambitious.

" Paang Naga Prok "
Knowing Buddha
Anyone born on Saturday love to become isolated,
They are quiet and their thinking is logical.
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