Bucket Hat and Boonie Hat Size Chart

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Size Chart for your Boonie Hat or Bucket Hat


Knowing the correct size for your new boonie hat can be confusing if you are unsure of how they are sized.  We want to help you to make sure your new hat is going to fit properly. 

To find the properly sized boonie hat that best fits you, you will need a fabric tape or a flexible measuring tape. 

  1. Begin by measuring your head slightly above your ears in the area that you would normally wear your hat.  Find someone to help you if you need help.
  2. Carefully record the size whether in inches or centimeters.
  3. Now convert your head size to the proper hat size information provided to you, courtesy of eBay seller: tjwindart

Inches:          |  21 7/8  |  22 1/2  |  22 1/2  |  23 1/4  |   23 1/4  |  23 5/8  |  23 5/8  |  24     |

Centimeters:  | 55.5      |  57       |  57        |  59.1     |   59.1     |  60       |  60       |  61     |

Hat Size        |        SMALL        |         MEDIUM     |         LARGE         | EXTRA LARGE

Some things that may affect your hat size are hair cuts, bloating, sweating, and body size changes.  Please make any necessary size allowances necessary for a proper fit of your new boonie hat. 

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