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I purchased a Top Hatch TH120 in March 08.   The unit is well made and works exactly like advertised.  When I received it, the light bulb socket was broken.   I called the company and they immediately sent me a new part without me having to return the whole unit for something I could repair myself.  Very nice folks to deal with ...........

I noticed during my first setting of quail eggs that the temp was extremely variable from the top of the unit to the bottom even though there is a small fan inside under the light/heat source.  The temp varied from 107 or more at the top to 95 at egg level.  It was very difficult to find the exact temp that I needed (even though the temp stayed constant).  I thought my thermometers were inaccurate.  My first hatch turned out badly with 2 chicks out of 50 and I believe it was due to the lower temp at egg level.  I have since purchased a small computer fan and installed it in the top cover of the unit.  Now the temp is consistent throughout the unit.  So I expect a much better hatch this time.

I would purchase this incubator again because of price/value and the company that stands behind their incubator.

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