Brighton Wholesale?

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Brighton Wholesale?
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Can you buy Brighton Wholesale?  This is a question that I have been asked over and over again. Many people want to sell Brighton on Ebay and find out it is almost impossible to get Brighton at a good enough price to resale.


Let me start by telling you the basics of Brighton.  Brighton has their own stores which they sell their products. These stores are called BRIGHTON COLLECTABLES. Brighton Collectables are usually located at Malls. If you have had the pleasure of shopping at one of these stores you know that Brighton does not have SALES.  Everything is FULL PRICE! So basically you will not find a deal there.  As you have probably noticed also that brighton does not sell their product on their web site. You must go into their store to purchase their products.


Brighton does not sell their Handbags in department stores. There is one exception to this. NORDSTROMS!  Brighton has a deal with Nordstroms to sell a few of their bags. I have been to many Nordstrom stores and not all carry Brighton.  The ones that do carry Brighton Handbags only have a few(Two to Three styles). Again, Nordstroms will not put theses handbags on sale.

Brighton will let small boutiques retail their product, but from what I understand there are numerous rules that you must follow to sell Brighton.  One of Brightons rules are that, again their products are not to be put on sale.  Well here is the good part.  Items can be put on CLEARANCE. You might be saying to yourself what is the difference?  Brighton can be put on clearance if the store owner promises not to order that same item again from Brighton. The store owner might decide they do not want to carry this item anymore, it does not mean however the item is discontinued. I have found great deals on nice handbags. Sometimes they are up to 70% off. Wow, that is good!


Here is another way you can get a discount on Brighton...    Most of the small boutiques will offer a Birthday discount.  They will enter your information in thier computer and send a discount birthday card out in the mail. Usually 20% off anything in the store.  This will include Brighton!  Brighton allows boutique owners to do this. Sign up for Birthday discounts in all the stores around you.   Bottom line is that is next to impossibe to get Brighton Wholesale. But there is deals out there it just takes a little research to find them.

Hopefully this guide has help you!

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