How to breast massage for breast enlargement

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How to breast massage for breast enlargement
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How to do breast massage for breast enlargement By Plasto-sein

After take a bath or shower, ensure that your busts are cleaned and dried.

Apply enough Plastosein bust cream formula 1 for breast enlargement (see Plastosein bust cream) to lightly cover your breast. (1 side first)
1) Massage the bust well by following the instructions carefully as picture step. Every time you pass over the lower part of the breast, lift the bust up. Do the same direction around 15-20 times.

2)  Then follow the 2nd picture. Rub in upward direction from above nipple area to shoulder. Do it around 15-20 times. 
3) Apply onece more using the same amount of Plastosein formula 1 (for breast enlargement) and follow the 3rd picture. Starter from the rib or the outer part of the breast , rub from outer part to nipple with fingures spread out but do not touch the nipple. around 15-20 times. 
4) Do the 1st - 3rd step on the other bust.
- Apply the Plasto-sein cream and massaging on your each breast equally.
- No need the push hardly massage on your breasts
-  Not to touch on your nipple when you do the massage
-  If the cream touch on your breasts try to clean it out by wet towel or tissue.
-  To ensure 100% result, please apply twice a day. Morning and evening. Each time massage until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin.
- Do not miss a day. This could delay the results by 8 to 10 days. 

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