Boys’ Jeans Size Chart

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Boys’ Jeans Size Chart

As most parents and loved ones of growing children know, finding the right size pair of jeans can be a lot of work. There are so many different brands and styles of boys’ jeans on the market today, each with its own particulars in terms of measurements, that finding that just-right pair of jeans is easier said than done.

However, there are some general rules and tricks that parents, grandparents, friends, and others can use when they want to purchase a pair of boys’ jeans. This guide is designed to take buyers through those tips and tricks beginning with a general note about size charts and boys’ sizing in general. Next, a general size chart will be presented to give buyers an idea of where they should start when looking for the right sized jeans.

Finally, some special notes about purchasing children’s clothing in general, and boys’ jeans specifically, will round out the discussion. This final section will also cover the benefits of online shopping through eBay and tricks to make that experience a pleasant one.

Understanding Sizing and Size Charts

Whether the plan is to order clothes online or to purchase them from a store, there is always an issue of getting the right size. While buying boys’ jeans in a store allows for the ability to try them on, without a firm understanding of size charts in general and boys’ size charts specifically a lot of time will be wasted with the wrong clothes.

Sizing Charts in General

The biggest problem that most parents and children run into when it comes to size charts is their immense diversity. Each clothing retailer and brand will define a boys ’ size 6 on their own terms which minimally takes into account points like cut and style as well as the cultural norms at the time in regards to boys’ height and weight. As a result, some brands of clothing will be sized "up" and others sized "down" making it impossible to say that any one person is one definitive size.

This basically means that there is no one simple way to size children’s clothing. Some size charts for boys, like the one located in this guide, attempt to give a general range of height, weight, and other measurements for a particular size, but that will necessarily differ from brand to brand. For example, the Gap Kids definition of a boys’ size 5 may not be exactly the same as Old Navy’s. Therefore, no matter where a pair of jeans is being purchased, checking with the manufacturer itself, either through its website or a tag attached to the jeans themselves, is the best way to determine the size that any one particular boy needs.

Special Case: When He’s In-Between Sizes

Most of the time, knowing a boy’s measurements and consulting the size chart from the manufacturer will lead buyers to getting the right sized pair of jeans. But what about boys who are "between" sizes? This is a special case that, though simple to identify, has a few options to fix.

In a case when a boy’s weight exceeds his height, buying the larger size and hemming the jeans is the simplest option. However, the case when a boy’s height exceeds his weight is more complex. For these boys, smaller sizes (size 4 to 8 or so, depending on the manufacturer) come with adjustable waist bands that act like belts. For older boys, belts are also always an option.

The biggest problems lie in the case of a severe discrepancy between these two numbers. When this happens, finding certain brands or designations that cater to a different-sized boy is necessary. There are also special boys’ "size types" that are made for either tall and skinny boys or more rotund ones. In the former case, look for "slim" sized clothing. In the latter case, look for "husky" sizes.

Making Sizing Simple

Truthfully, the best way to figure out the sizing for a particular boy is to shop in a variety of different stores with a variety of different designers. Small families with more time on their hands for long shopping trips are easily able to accomplish this task. However, working parents and those with more than one or two kids may find the amount of effort needed to find the "perfect" jeans more than they can possibly give. In this case, spending the time either online or in the store to find one designer that "generally" fits each boy is the best way to go.

As the boy grows, parents and other family members and friends will periodically need to check in with the sizing of that favorite designer or brand to make sure that the fit is still optimal. Remember, as they age and mature boys’ bodies change too, albeit not as dramatically as girls’.

While presenting one, definitive boy’s jeans sizing chart is impossible, there are some generalities that can be covered in one chart. Basically, knowing what range of sizes a particular child will fall into can go a long way in helping to reduce the amount of time a buyer spends looking through boys’ jeans. The following chart is therefore presented in ranges of measurements to help encompass the differences across brands of boys’ jeans.


Height Range (Inches)

Weight Range (Pounds)

Size 4



Size 5



Size 6



Size 7



Size 8



Size 10



Size 12



Size 14



Size 16



Size 18



Remember, it is important to use the above guide only as a starting point when shopping for boys’ jeans. No matter how well a size 12 fits in one brand, it may be too loose or too tight in another. Therefore, carefully consult the particular manufacturer’s size chart or have the boy try on the jeans before committing to a purchase.

Buying Boys’ Jeans: Tips and Tricks

Though finding a size (or size range) can really help in the process of buying boys’ jeans, there are several other tips and tricks that parents and others can use to save time and money. Jeans are a widely available garment found everywhere from major big box retailers to small boutique clothing stores to online marketplaces like eBay. That means that there are a lot of options available, but they are not all created equally.

Trying On Without Commitment

One mistake that a lot of shoppers make is failing to engage in research before purchase. Granted, many people will scour online websites for the best price on something, but somehow they feel obligated to purchase the first item that fits in a brick and mortar store.

While it’s true that the only real way to know if a pair of boys’ jeans will fit is by trying them on at a physical store, that doesn’t mean that they need to be purchased there. In fact, one of the best ways to save money and frustration is to go to a physical store to try on jeans and then search for the same brand and size online.

Buying Used Boys’ Jeans

Another key component to purchasing children’s clothing in general is having an understanding of its limited shelf life. While boys in sizes 4 to 18 will wear jeans far longer than baby boys whose clothes are measured in months, they still cannot get a true "lifetime" of wear out of clothing like adults can. Therefore, a great way to save money when buying boys’ jeans is to buy them pre-owned. This can be accomplished at a number of places such as at yard sales, flea markets, and consignment stores, as well as online.

Buying Boys’ Jeans on eBay

Buying boys’ jeans on eBay is a great way to take advantage of all the tips and tricks presented in this guide. From the Kids and Baby section of the eBay Fashion Shop, searching for the perfect pair of boys’ jeans is easy. For buyers with specific needs, an advanced search is in order. This will allow the use of search terms and limiters that can indicate size, color, and brand of boys’ jeans.

Those who may be unsure of exactly what they want can also browse the jeans section of the Boys (4 & Up ) part of the Kids and Baby shop. Here, buyers will find thousands of jeans that are sold both new and used. It is easy to choose a size as well as a "size type" (regular, husky, or slim). Users can also search all of one brand of jeans, which is helpful when you know that a particular brand fits. In addition, the millions of different sellers in the eBay marketplace ensure that there will be several great deals on the site.


Buying boys’ jeans is no easy task. It seems like every brand and every style of jeans has its own sizing rules and fit. While this is true, it does not mean that buying boys’ jeans needs to be impossible and time consuming. In fact, the process can be made easier by figuring out the general size of the boy in question by using the chart provided in this guide. After doing so, parents can go to the website of the manufacturer for more specifics on a definitive size. In addition, there are other tips that buyers can use, such as finding a brand that fits and sticking with it, that make online shopping for boys’ jeans a breeze.

When it comes to the actual purchase of boys’ jeans, there are other money-saving steps that buyers can take. This includes trying on clothes in the store and buying them online, looking for used or pre-owned items, and taking advantage of the great deals offered by the sellers on eBay. This way, the sizing of a boy’s jeans as well as their purchase can be made less stressful and even a bit fun.

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