Book Descriptions and condition

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Consider book descriptions, when buying a book please keep in mind that the condition of the book being described may vary from seller to seller and buyer to buyer.

EX: Book A is described as being in Good Condition from Seller A   Book A is being sold by seller B as being in Excellent condition. Who is right, probably both of them. To the individual seller that is the way THEY see them. Some sellers are more picky as buyers are. Thats fine. But just keep in mind that individual descriptions may vary on how the individual sees the book themselves.

When buying a book read ALL description and keep in mind that what may be excellent ot the seller is not up to your standards, but you may also get a pleasant surprise when you buy a Good condition book that it surpasses your standards and you may consider it excellent. I know I have.

Have a wonderful day and read a lot it increases knowledge!

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