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Leather Furniture Guide: What Is Bonded Leather?

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What is bonded leather? What bonded leather is made of? Is it even leather? It seems that most furniture nowadays is upholstered with bonded leather. And there are a few reasons why.

If you are in the market to buy new leather furniture it might be your time to take a look into furniture made with bonded leather. Furniture made with bonded leather provides both the quality and appearance of genuine top grain leather while at a fraction of the cost. To understand why bonded leather provides a great value, let’s understand what bonded leather is.

Bonded leather is not a single animal hide but rather, a composition of genuine leather fibers. These leather fibers are bonded together with adhesive and pressed into a single sheet. Bonded leather used for furniture typically is made up of 80% to 100% leather fibers. Using actual leather makes different from artificial or synthetic leathers.

In terms of quality and looks, the differences between bonded leather and genuine leather can be hard to spot. Bonded leathers texture feels very close to that of genuine leather, while the look is near identical. It also retains the smell, function and overall appearance of genuine leather.

The cost of bonded leather is the main reason why it provides such a good value when used for furniture. As the leather fibers used in making bonded leather are typically scraps and leftover pieces, bonded leather is sold at substantial discounts when compared to genuine leather. Bonded leather is typically sold at two to three times lower than a comparable piece of genuine leather.

As you look to get a new chair, couch, ottoman or any other type of furniture that is typically found in leather, see if you can find a product made with bonded leather. It will get you more value for your dollar while proving the qualities that make leather so unique and useful.

Great Deal Furniture  is a prime manufacturer of furniture upholstered with bonded leather with unbeatable quality and unbeatable prices.

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