Bidet Toilets FAQ Everything You Wanted To Know About

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FAQ - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bidet Toilet Seats,

But Were Afraid To Ask

From Decorate With Daria, Inc.

What is a bidet??

A bidet (bee-day) is a device that cleans one's genital and rectal areas with a warm spray/jet of water.  With the Bio Bidet you can also add a mild soap to the stream of water with the push of a button.

The word bidet was first used in the 15th century to refer to pet ponies kept by the French royalty.  During the 19th century the Europeans developed a porcelain cleaning device for contraceptive and purgative (cathartic) use, which was called a bidet because its porcelain shape resembled those same French royal ponies.

Alot of bidets are stand alone units which are expensive, toilet size and hard to install.  You also need the room to install it and it is inconvenient to physically move yourself from your toilet to the bidet.

The Bio Bidet , Brondell Swash and Coco Bidets bidets easily attach to your existing toilet (replacing your existing toilet seat) with all the benefits of a stand alone unit but without the expense and hassle of installing a new bathroom fixture.

What is a bidet seat?

Bidet seats are toilet seat attachments that replaces conventional (ho-hum) toilet sets.  Bio Bidet and Brondell bidets make bidet seats that have an exclusive patented bidet nozzle/jet system that cleans men, women and children.


Are bidets really worth the money?

Is your good health worth two, three, four or even five hundred dollars?  Toilet seat bidet prices start at under $200. Bidets have a long proven track record for healing inflammation of the rectal areas and maintaining overall genital and rectal health.

Who uses a bidet, is it just for women?

Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash bidets are, can and should be used by men, women and children.  They deliver the highest degree of personal hygiene for male and female genital and rectal well being.  Millions of health conscious people throughout the world use a bidet everyday.

How would a Bio Bidet or Brondell Swash bidet benefit me?

Bio Bidet and the Brondell Swash bidets are for male and female alike of most any age.  Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash bidets also benefits persons with physical challenges and limited motion issues.

Persons who have or want to help prevent various medical conditions such as hemmorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, gastrointestinal cancers, prostatitis, urinary track infections, gynecologic problems and various other ailments that affect the genital and rectal areas.

Also women who want more effective feminine hygiene during pregnancy or menstrual periods.

Will I have to alter my plumbing to have a bidet toilet seat?

Bio Bidet seats gives you a choice.  Most Bio Bidet models work with the existing cold water plumbing, but do require a GFI electrical outlet within 4 feet of the toilet.  However, the Bio Bidet model BB-i3000 needs both hot and cold water hook-ups within 4 feet of the toilet, but no electrical outlet.

The Brondell Swash bidets require a cold water hook-up and a GFI electrical outlet within 4 feet of the toilet.

How do I install a bidet toilet seat?  Installation is fairly easy and requires little mechanical skill especially if you are an experienced do it yourselfer. 

However,  if your water hookups are more then 4 feet away, or if your model requires a GFI electrical outlet and none is within 4 feet of the toilet then we suggest getting professional help.  You certainly don't want any leaks that could lead to flooding. 

Obviously,  a cold water line is no problem since your existing toilet already has one and most bidet toilet seats come with a built-in water tank and heater.

Most Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash models require only a cold water line and a GFI electrical outlet.

How do I clean a bidet toilet seat?

Cleaning is a cinch and requires little effort on you part, in fact most bidet nozzles and jets have a self cleaning feature.  The rest of the bidet can be cleaned just like a regular toilet seat. 

Some of the more expensive bidet toilet seats can be easily detached "Quick Release" for cleaning.  The Brondell Swash 550 has such a feature.

Is a bidet toilet seat safe?

Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash bidets have built in safety features such as thermal fuses and high temperature sensor switches.  All Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash bidets are UL approved. 

Also adjustable water pressure controls right at your finger tips offer different levels of wash comfort especially in cases of severe inflammation and sensitivity.

Is it dangerous to have water and electricity together in a bidet?

Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash bidets have taken every precaution to prevent any such risk as their many years of manufacture prove.  All the bidet models are made of high impact plastic that do not conduct electricity and all have built in grounded protection.

All Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash models using electricity are UL approved.

What kind of warranty can I expect for a bidet toilet seat?

Bio Bidet and Brondell Swash bidets come with a 100% parts and labor warranty for 1 full year.  If their is a problem, 99% of the time you will get a brand new replacement bidet after sending back the defective unit (rather then trying to fix the one you sent back).  The more upscale bidet models come with 2 and 3 year warranties.


Decorate With Daria, Inc.

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