Bidding at the last second...How To WIN

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Bidding at the last second...How To WIN
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To win is the goal.  Having less stress is even better.  How I win.  Summary:  Log onto eBay two times one with a password and one without.  Enter maximum bid and wait on the confirm screen.  Click on bid history on top screen.  Keep refreshing to find your refresh time.  At your refresh time in those last several seconds click the bottom screen confirm button.  That is it....look at the bottom for more detail on how to do this.


First log onto ebay at least 15 minutes prior to the auction end time and go to the auction item you want to win.  Up in the top right hand corner there is three small boxes which are used to minimize your screen.  Click the middle box which shows two small boxes overlaping each other.  By doing this you are able to click on the corner of the eBay window and change the size of the screen window.  Adjust the eBay window so it only takes up the top half of your screen.  Use the scroll button on the right side to move the screen up and down.  Scroll up to the right hand corner where the eBay number is.  Copy this number by highlighting it and then right click and click copy.  Now open a new internet window by clicking on "e" or microsoft explorer or any other way you log onto the internet.  Move this window so it takes up the bottom section of your screen.  Log onto eBay again with you account information and password.  Now up in the search box on the bottom window paste the ebay number (if you don't know how to paste...then just write the number down and type it in the bottom windows seach box.  Click search.  Now that you are log in the bottom section on that auction also click on bid and enter you maximum amount.  The next screen that eBay has come up is a confirm bid page.  Do not click on that yet.  Just leave it there for now.  Now go back up to the top section of you window and hit refresh....wait a minute and hit refresh again...count the seconds it take between the refresh by looking at the time on ebay for the end of auction time.  Now...that takes a long time doesn't it.  Well it because you are loading the pictures, logos, description...all that stuff you already know about.  So why reload all this everytime wasting time.  What I want you to do is click on the bid history ( there may be bids or it may say does not matter).  This screen shows you the current biddersif there is any, the price and the time left on this auction.  This is all the information you need.  Click on the refresh again a few times and compare how fast each refresh takes now...better.  I have dsl so I can refresh within 2-3 seconds.  What that tells me is that if I click at least 4-5 seconds before the auction ends...I might get it unless someones maximum bid beats me.  Now, when it get to the last have your maximum bid on the bottom but you have not confirmed it yet, and the top screen you just keep refreshing  the bidding screen as the second count down.  Get a good average time span and get ready.  Now say it 15 seconds before the end of the auction and you see someone just put in a higher bid than your maximum bid...don't worry it is not over if you still want still have time...go to the bottom screen and click near the top of that screen the "Back" button or the Green Arrow" and this will move you back one screen to the section to reenter your maximum bid.  I would hit back then enter the new price and click through right to the end and confirm it on the bottom screen not worrying about the top screen since you are already probably down to 5-6 seconds already.  Now, say no one outbids your maiximun then watch it go down to the (for me 4 second) mark of your refresh time and click on the bottom screen confirm.  There your bid was enter with one click and you did not have to worry about the clicking and stress of the last few seconds.  Merry Christmas.

Sorry for any grammar errors...English is my second language and I only know one language.

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