Beware Fake 925 silver jewelry fraud on eBay.

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Dear ebay buyers,

I'm writing this article is because I found out a lot of ebay sellers selling silver jewelry using FAKE SILVER (some kind of white metal or copper). Although this practice uncommon it hurts legitimate sellers of authentic silver jewelry on eBay. They know many buyers who come to ebay to shop for jewelry. They look for a better price and quality, but the problem started, many sellers selling fake silver and stat as 925 sterling silver and try to fraud all buyers. My recommendation for all buyers should spend a couple dollars extra to buy the SILVER TESTING KIT to test the piece jewelry. If jewelry did not pass the test I recommend buyers should report to eBay. We help ensure that consumers are protected from purchasing fraudulent products.

Using a silver testing kit to protect yourself. A nitric acid silver testing kit can be purchased on eBay inexpensively. 

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