Best Things To Sell on Ebay 2012

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          The best thing about selling on Ebay is obviously the fact that most people use it as their main online shopping site!


                   The Best Antiques To Sell On Ebay-


                                              I've made a living selling Antiques on ebay so I know which antiques people will buy in a second. Limoges France Porcelain of EVERY kind will ALWAYS sell on ebay. You can find Limoges France Porcelain at thrift stores or even garage sales if you know how to identify them. Identifying Limoges France Porcelain is extreemly easy, just look for porcelain trinket boxes then look at the bottom of them if it's Limoges it will say Limoges France (with some other letters). If you can find it buy limoges france pocelain EVERY TIME you get a chance! Another type of antique that will ALWAYS sell is certain brands of old knifes like, Old Timer, Case, Camillus, any novelty knife, coca cola knifes and Imperial knifes! Most of the knives I just mentioned are (only made as) pocket folding knives, however the fixed blades are usually worth more! Another antique that is GARUNTEED to sell every time is old 1980 Powell Peralta skate boards! The real Original Powell Peralta skate boards, not the reproduced ones. If you have any kind of Powell Peralta skate board and the deck itself's in good condition (by good it can have some wear and scratches but no cracks) if it is you'll get the most money for it by taking off the wheels bumper and rails and taking some good pictures of just the deck. For example, I sold a Lance Mountain Powell Peralta deck about 5 years ago on ebay and I got $475.00 for just the deck & this was just a common board, the rare Powell Peralta boards go for as much as $4,000.00! The crazy thing about this is that ALLOT of people have theese 1980 skate boards just laying around in their garages, I found a Tony Hawk Powell Peralta board at a garrage sale about 2 years ago and the owners only wanted $5.00 for it! That board was in okay condition, thats when it's best to sell the board with everything still on it. I sold that board for about $275.00!


                                    Those are the top 3 antiques i've made a living selling the past 6 years on Ebay, thats definitely an EXCELLENT place to start, I wish you all the best of luck on Ebay keep your buyer's happy by any means! Even if you have to kiss their butts, I know that sounds funny but after ya sell on Ebay for about 6 months you'll agree that it's great advise TRUST ME!

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