Best Strategies for Project Gotham 3 LIVE on XBOX 360

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Okay, so Project Gotham Racing 3 is the racing game for the next-gen Xbox 360 and the fan base can vouch for that. On any given day one can log onto Xbox Live and find an 8-player game without a problem. With the Online Career option and ranks, it gets even more serious. With rank on the line, competition gets more intense with collisions; spin outs, people leaving their car at the start line, all kinds of obstructions between you and the finish line.

With all that said, one begins to work out theories and strategies while gaining skill and experience in order to move up in the ranks and be successful in the PGR 3 Online world. If you are familiar with the ranks in online gaming for Xbox 360, PGR 3 is no different, and then you are aware of TrueSkill.  I (before the reset on April 27, 2006) was able to hit level 22 (Contender) rank 7,500 or so. That is 7,500 out of 90,000 or so, and honestly, I have not been playing much lately. Anyhow, I was able to achieve that relatively fast and easily once, I realized a few very important things that greatly affect performance:

1) Almost never accelerate into a turn... always accelerate out of the turn. So after you are done with the actual turning part, step on the gas (when you are facing straight) otherwise you will just burnout and lose all traction.

2) The gas and break pedals are by default the right and left analog triggers. Well, treat them as such. When you drive a car, do you either step on the gas all the way or step on break all the way? No!  You slowly accelerate to desired speed that way keeping traction and staying in control. Or vice versa, when you shoot off the line bouncing off the rev limiter (redline – max rpm) you burnout and lose valuable traction/time, same thing for turns and straight-aways.

3) E-brake is not dependable in PGR 3 and therefore should not be used. In addition, it even says this in the game: "use e-brake to force your car into drifts" however, a drift is when one has control of his car with power not sliding (e-brake = no control). So in order to take turns properly, downshifting will become a very good friend of yours. Imagine a 90-degree turn with a Ferrari F50 GT coming into it 30 feet away from the turn at 150mph. Result is crashing into the wall, right? Nope, if you stay to the outside of the turn and release gas and down shift your car will get sideways and once the nose of the car is facing the direction you need to go begin to accelerate at a steady pace DO NOT smash the gas button.

4) Finally, this might sound stupid but a lot of people think automatic is manual. Very big misconception. Any Gear Style stays in gears for too long and if you do decide to shift for yourself it can sometimes downshift for you at the wrong time and slow you down. If you do not believe me, try this. In the beginning of any race that is a straightaway try shifting for yourself when you redline versus the Any Gear Style shifting and it is VERY clear which is more effective.

I actually drew a picture of how to take a turn perfectly:

For some reason it shows a thumbnail image. The full sized image of the diagram is at and an http:// before "img133...."

***EDIT*** 5/6/2006

  • I noticed the diagram had an error on it: The second note that says, “Tap e brake and judgment call…” should read, “Tap downshift and judgment call…”
  • Also the 3) paragraph in the above had "e-brake" where "downshift" should have been.
    Everything is now updated
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