Best PlayStation 3 Games for Kids

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Best PlayStation 3 Games for Girls

Rock Band. Hands down the most played game in our home. Was expensive however the game is used almost daily and it is something EVERY can play- including me! I wish we had bought it sooner.

Playstation 3 Rock Band 2 Special Edition is came out October 13, 2008 and I would wait to get that version. The drum set is sturdier and you can also add cymbal’s. All new game tracks and you can import all your Rock Band tracks from your original version. It is a lot of money ( approx. $179.00) to shell out but I think the play value makes it worth it.

This is probably tops on my list. Of all the games we have for PlayStation 3 there are only a handful my daughter and her fiends enjoy- and this is it. Boys also love it and you would be surprised at how not self-conscious they are to sing in front of the peers.

Civilization Revolution:Sid Meier (PS3) I was shocked at how much my Neice loves this. I originally rented this so I could try and after a week of me not opening the case she picked it up and was glued to screen. The game is fantastic- graphics are excellent. This week we bough it. The concept is to take you stone age group of people and bring them along through Civilization, having them learn or trade skills like irrigation and literacy.

Tetris is a Classic game and you can buy it on PS1, PS2 AND PS3!

Best PlayStation 3 Games for Boys

LittleBigPlanet is FABUKOUS and will probably be tagged at the best video game of the year. I t is a community based game. Better for older kids and good for boys and girls.

A bit of a throwback, Mega Man 9 is a collection of puzzle games.The games are well thought out and beyond challenging. No high tech graphics here but great play value.

Any of the Guitar Hero series. My son is five is a a HUGE Guitar Hero and Rock Band fan. He can play Guitar on Expert level and amaze the older kids. This game is great on many levels- one of the best qualities is I feel it really does help self esteem . Watching the kids play it is less of a "competition" and more about having fun. No fighting or shooting which is a bonus for me.

Look for Guitar Hero World Tour aka Guitar Hero 4- a serious competitor to Rock Band. It also has guitar with microphone and drum set- big plus the drums have cymbols.

I mentioned Rock Band above. For my money this is the single best game for any video console and a fantastic game for kids and families. I think that best platform to play it on s PS3. The wii version is waterdown version and overpriced- it is basically the same game as PS2.
Yes, you do have to keep an ear out from more adult lyrics but the pluses of this game far out way any questionable song lyrics.The games is co-operative and players work together and help each other make it on the World scene. There is huger creative outlet in band names, costumes, etc. The game requires that all the players do well and layers needs to support and encourage each other. I really can’t recommend this game enough. It is expensive but an excellent value.

A solid bet is Lego Batman if you are buying a Playstation 3 game for boys. It is surprising well made and game play is excellent. My husband and son have been playing this for a few eeks now and have not grown bored of it yet.

I recommended Civilization Revolution:Sid Meier (PS3) for girls as well- this game has wide appeal and long term play value. Can’t miss.

A very good superheroes game for PS3 is Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PS3) This is a 1 or more player game and has great graphcs and good gameplay. How can you go wrong with Spider-man and friends? Thsi game is also good for younger kids. A fabulous choice if you are buying a PS3 game for boy is Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga Familiar characters, not to violent and challenging enough for most ages. Also can play up to 4 players and is a co-operative game.

Tons of fun playing The Simpsons Game and sure fire winner. If your kids like Simpsons they will love this game. I don’t play it but will often watch or hear quips and hilarious one liners when i in room or nearby and have actually laughed out loud. (MORE FOR OVER 10+)

Tetris is a Classic game and Should be in Every home.Avaiable on PS1, PS2 AND PS3! (HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANY AGES )

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