Being overcharged? how do you know, what can you do?

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Being overcharged for shipping services? Does the insurance look high? Being charged for insurance with UPS as the shipper?

Well..... Sometimes it is just an uneducated seller guessing at the shipping charges. If this is the case, simply ask the seller before you bid or buy if they are willing to refund any excess shipping charges. It is easy to make a partial refund through the payment made with PayPal. Flat-rate boxes from the postal service can save money on shipping heavy items like engine starters or boxes of hardware. Or it may be a rip-off seller. Aiming to make extra $$ on the sale of the item. If this is the case, just keep on shopping for a better seller or consider the cost of shipping as part of the price of the item if there is no alternative item to purchase.

Keep in mind that tape, packing material, boxes, etc. are part of the shipping & handling charge. But if a seller claims time spent at the post office is part of it, remind them that their postal delivery person comes to their home or place of business every day and can pick up parcels FREE of charge. No scale? not shipping online with computer printed shipping label, or goes to the UPS Store to ship, then you may not want to do business with this seller. Online postal shipping offers FREE delivery confirmation for Priority Mail and 19 cent delivery confirmation for Media Mail, Parcel Post and 1st class mail, UPS discounts online through eBay, just drop it off at the UPS store or with any UPS driver. You may have a business close by that has UPS service, just leave it with them for pick up.

Insurance high? Well... UPS, Fedex, DHL have automatic insurance up to $100 and to charge extra for it is a violation of Federal and State Surety Laws. Priority Mail as automatic insurance of $50 and some seller get $100 with commercial plus pricing. It is also a violation of eBay policy. Charging more than the actual cost of additional insurance is not allowed. Insurance actually protects the seller up to the delivery of an item. After delivery, it protects the buyer in case of damage caused during transit by the shipper. Be sure to keep all packaging and packing material for damage claims. Poorly packed items do not qualify for insurance damage claims. eBay has eliminated the option for the buyer to purchase insurance, so if it arrives damaged, you will file a claim through PayPal with the seller to have your purchase refunded if it was damaged and cannot be replaced. Ebay no longer allows buyers to purchase insurance.

United States Postal Service insurance rates:

.01 to $50     $1.75

50.01 to 100  $2.25

100.01 to 200  $2.75

200.01 to 300  $4.70

300.01 to 400  $5.70

400.01 to 500  $6.70

500.01 to 600 $7.70

600.01 to 5000  $7.70 + $1 per $100 or fraction thereof in declared value

Most sellers will adjust these charges when you make them aware of the policies and actual costs


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