Before you sell, understand ebay & paypal fees

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Ebay/Paypal is trying to kill their sites.  Why do I say this?  In these difficult economic times, ebay sellers get raped by ebay and paypal (in most cases) with redundant fees.  Most sellers dont even realize just HOW MUCH they will lose when their item sells. 

Example:  I wanted to get rid of an old credenza my ex-wife left at my house, and I really didnt care how much it sold for, so I started the listing at $0.99

The credenza didnt get much action and sold for $1.25 (I said I would deliver in my home area for $40, and since the buyer lives a few miles from me, I agreed to $20 delivery fee).   So I got $1.25 + $20 to deliver the itemEbay took $1.35 roughly  (more than the sale price by 10 cents +/-).  Paypal took $1.80 for "handling" the payment.  So for a $1.25 item, ebay (and it's sister company Paypal) TOOK over $3.00 from me.

Before you jump all over me because the fees are listed on the seller info page, ebay sent out an email advertising "LIST ANY ITEM FOR FREE!!!"...only pay if your item sells. While the email was factually correct, it is misleading.  You've heard of "buyer beware".  You now know about "SELLER BEWARE".

This isn't the 1st time ebay/paypal has screwed sellers.  If you dont read every little tidbit on Paypal and ebay's rules, you can get killed selling on ebay.  Lets say you sell a $10 item with $2.50 shipping charge (trying to keep the s/h charges low to encourage buyers).  You end up shipping the item the cheapest way, maybe in a manila envelope using the USPS.  You figure, hey, it's only a magazine/book/cd or whatever is around $10 that can fit in an envelope.  You ship standard mail so you dont end up going into your pocket for the extra shipping charges, but then the buyer claims that the item never showed up.  You didnt want to pay extra for tracking since there is SO little profit already, so you dont have any proof that the item actually arrived.  The buyer files a dispute and ebay/paypal refunds the whole amount of the purchase to the buyer.  Any unscrupulous buyers could get free stuff all day long thanks to the ebay mafia. 

I pay attention to other sellers complaints, and trust me, I AM NOT THE FIRST SELLER TO COMPLAIN, AND I WONT BE THE LAST.  Unfortunately, sellers wont put up with this kind of treatment forever.  Eventually sellers will be forced to sell somewhere else, and ebay will wither away and die a long, slow death.  It sucks to see how far downhill ebay has slid since I started buying and selling on here.  People almost NEVER listen to my advice, and it ALWAYS comes back to bite them later. (not just here on ebay, NO ONE listens to my advice when I am only trying to help.  I hate seeing friends and family make stupid mistakes constantly which is why I am writing this guide)  Be the first to take my advice.  Watch the stock market closely, and SHORT EBAY/PAYPAL STOCK!  Timing is everything with stock shorts, but if you only short a small amount of stock, you can sit on it longer.  I was on the forefront with the Gold boom.  I was on the forefront with certain collectibles and made a lot of $$$ with good timing.   Ebay/Paypal cant continue like this, they will lose favor FAST and you dont want try and jump on a speeding train.  Get on the train at THIS station.  It will be going downhill soon, and you may find you missed your chance.

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