Banzai Falls Water Slides

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2 Years ago when the back yard water slide craze began, we just like millions of other American's jumped on the band-wagon.

We were instantly impressed. Our kids at the time were 6 and 4 and had hours upon hours of fun.

Our first purchase was the ORIGINAL Banzai Falls Water Slide (our purchase date is 6/2005). This slide is still standing, water connections still functional and in excellent conditions. No holes, tears or rips from our overly anxious bunch! And this is all after 2 years of FULL use!

In June 2006 we decided to buy another since the overwhelming enthusiasts in our neighborhood couldn't seem to wait their turn on our one slide. We then purchased the Six Flags Banzai Falls Wave Rider Waterslide. Another great purchase. No holes, water connections still in perfect shape, and still providing hours of entertainment.

Just this past week (June 6, 2007) we decided to do it again. Purchase yet another water slide. We have a big party coming up in the next few weeks and thought it would be great. We decided to purchase the 2 Lane - "Banzai Falls Double Drop Raceway". Wow is this one neat. The slides are more reinforced then the past years. I truly believe that this one will long out-last the others. It even comes with a packet full of patches "just in case".

My recommendations for keeping this investment going year after year:

  1. When you are done using the slide, turn the water off but continue to let the air flow for at a minimum 1 hour. This will allow the slide to dry and prevent any musty smells.
  2. Fold the slide up and put it away when not in use. We have bought large rubber maid containers (the largest they sell) on wheels for easy moving. This has prevented them from being torn in the thin bags the company sends with the slide.
  3. When the slide is not in use keep it out of the sun light. We have found that it is best stored in a cool dry spot. In a garage, storage unit etc... again keeping it in the container in one of these areas would be best.
  4. Drain the water-bags when not in use. The water bags are more prone to holes while they are full. It is best to drain them between uses.
  5. I recommend hosing the slide down (sides, bottom, and climbing area) after use. Birds like to leave their mark on the slides, and if you don't get to it right away it is a bit harder to remove (the air flow dries it out). If you wait too long and it dries to the side of the slide, use a dab of kitchen dish washing liquid on a rag and scrub while the slide is inflated. This should prevent it from staining as long as you get to it within 24 hours.
  6. To prevent the slide from dry-rotting, keep it maintained in a cool dry area. If you do not have a cool dry area, during the winter months pick a nice day and inflate the slide. Giving it a quick hose down. Then let it continue to stay inflated for at least an hour, before putting it back in the container and putting away.
  7. To prevent the slide from fading in the sun, make sure it is stored in a dark area. The containers with the lid are the best.

Hints for easy use:

  1. While the slide is inflating (not quite fully inflated) attach the water connections to the top of the slide. This will prevent you from having to climb up the slide to attach them.
  2. If the children are not making big splashes when they land at the bottom of the slide, randomly let some of the water out that is collecting at the bottom of the slide. This will prevent it from causing the front of the slide to go "lop-sided".
  3. To keep the slide free from dirty feet, place a small bucket at the end of the slide so they children put their feet in there before climbing up the back of the slide.

And most of all, ENJOY your slide. They are even fun for the adults! If you have specific questions about your slide, feel free to contact us at any time!



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