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When searching for a meaningful gift for your loved one or for that person who has just about everything a Religious Gift maybe the perfect item! Religious gifts will be cherished and often times passed on from one generation to the next. A religious gift is something that is much more meaningful than a gift certificate or a bottle of perfume. Give a gift that will touch the heart and spirit of your loved one or close friend. Have you given a gift only to find it later in a box, dust and untouched? If so its time to choose a gift that will never be re-gifted or forgotten.

Something that you should consider would be is the person Christian or Catholic? Man or woman, child or teen? You can find a religious gift here on ebay for just about anyone, and for every religion.


Great gifts for Both Catholics and Christians would be a nice Crucifix, a Jesus print, a Trinket box, candles, inspirational reading books, Bible covers, cross pendants or a Statue of Jesus. Wall plaques with Bible scriptures are also top sellers. Pens, ties,key chains,coffee mugs and desk stands with spiritual sayings or images are wonderful for a man's gift. Many People love angels too. Guardian angels are very popular these days for both women, babies and children.


If you know someone your buying for is Catholic they may love an item that corresponds to their name or personality, job or hobby-such as a Saint related gift. Each Patron Saint has a special meaning, such as Saint Michael is known to fight evil, Saint Jude is a Miracle worker, Saint Francis is the Saint of Animals, Saint Barbara is known for protection against artillery.  There are saints for Nurses, fireman, fisherman, doctors, teachers and many more!
You can find many Saint items such as statues, medals, religious cards, plaques, icons right here one ebay.

Catholics also use rosaries and there are many styles and colors to choose from. Some new and others can be antiques. There are rosaries specifically for men and some for women, a child's rosary is also a great gift for baptism or confirmations. If you know a persons birth month or favorite color this would be a nice way to choose what color you may want to purchase.

Catholic Women and Mothers would enjoy receiving any item that
relates to Mary Our Blessed Mother. She is very special to most all Catholics. There is the Our Lady of Grace,Our Lady of Fatima, The Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Spanish there is the Our Lady of Guadalupe. These are all very special Blessed Mothers.Other women's gifts are religious pins, pendants, scarves,tea cups, garden stones, figurines and charms.


Christian and Catholic teen boys and girls like jewelry such as cross bracelets, charm bracelets or the new dog tags military style pendants that have the photo of Jesus or a cross on them Teens also like journals to write in or to use for Bible studies. There are also many t-shirts and book bags
that teens would enjoy. If your choosing a shirt remember bigger is better than too small.
When making any important purchase make sure to find out
if the item is new or used. Is the item in mint condition, or a second that may have a flaw. How long will it take for you to receive the item and some sellers
will even ship your gift directly to the gift recipient. Make sure if the seller has a return or exchange policy. Always check the sellers feedback, if they have more than a few negatives this is a sign, move on to another seller.
Give a special gift that will be remembered for years to come.



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