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What's that you say?  Buy on Ebay to re-sell on Ebay?

How does that work? 

Read on, and I'll tell you...

Okay, you've scoured your attic and garage for items to list on Ebay, and the living room is almost bare.  What's next?


Buy what? Buy where? And, how.

As to the What:  Buy the items you or your family you would like to own, or in a worst case scenario - give as gifts.  Buy what interests you.

As to the where: Right here on Ebay. 

How?  Here's how:

1] Start by checking Ebay's What's Hot information.  You'll see what's selling, and for how much.

2] Next, type "Case of" or "Lots" or "Wholesale" in the Ebay search box.  That's just what you'll see.  Cases, Lots, or Wholesale in bulk listings of everything from toys to toothpicks.

3] When you scanned the What's Hot list, you noticed that Mustache cups were selling nicely for $9 each.

You've now found a wholesale case of 6 such cups for $30.  Buying the case and listing the cups one at a time positions you to make a $24 profit on a $30 investment.  Not bad.

You might ask: Then why aren't the bulk sellers listing each item individually? 

The answer is: Because that's not the business they're in.  They buy by the truckload, and sell by the case. They don't have the time or inclination to list one piece at a time.  You do.

4]  Look for out-of-season items. 

Remember that NIB Radio Controlled Must-Have you won for $39.50 as a Christmas gift for your nephew?  Well, off-holiday-season you can probably find the same item for $20 or less.  So buy some now, tuck them away, and list them on Ebay when the right time comes. 

The same rule goes for any item that stirs a bidding frenzy at different holiday times.  Let's face it, not too many folks are interested in Easter Bunnies in the middle of August - but when April and May roll around, as they're sure to do, stand back! 

5]  A word about pallets:  The savings per item can be considerable, but unless you have a garage, approach buying by the pallet with caution.  4x4x6 feet doesn't sound too big, until it's on your doorstep.

6]  A word about bulk lot "Store returns."  There's an industry rule of thumb that says approximately 30% of the items will be unsalable.  So while such lots can be a huge bargain, you have to figure in the 30% loss factor to arrive at your true per piece price.

So that's how to do it.  Buy by the foot and sell by the inch. 

Good luck and happy Ebaying.        








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