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can be a daunting task- so many CHOICES!

The adage to keep in mind is that old, "something for nothing"

tome- is it really possible?  As an occasional seller of

natural loose gemstones, the answer is a resounding YES-

SORT OF.  I've learned through a few experiences

on ebay that there are certain things to look for, and look

OUT FOR.  A "stock" photograph is not a good thing if

you are seeking to receive the pictured item.  No two stones

are alike.  You can identify a stock photo with relative

ease- there is generally (OR SHOULD BE) reference to

the fact that you are receiving an item "like" the photo.  If

the photo is duplicated in other listings, beware- ask the

seller for confirmation that you are receiving exactly what

you see.  Upon receipt, don't delay- take the gem to

your jeweler, or any jewelry store, for confirmation that

it is, indeed, as represented.  You don't need to get an

appraisal- just have them look, because often, synthetic

stones are easy for a trained eye to identify.  CHECK

FEEDBACK, and look for references from buyers that

have had their stone checked out.  In the event

that your jeweler indicates that it might not be the real deal,

don't panic.  Contact the seller with this information, and

see what the response is.  Your jeweler could be incorrect,

in which case, a test should be performed for your own


If you paid a tiny amount for a 2ct emerald, for example,

you may want to keep the item for its beauty, and accept

that a 2ct emerald that sells for 10.00 is what it is-

perhaps, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  And, don't

eliminate private sellers- common folks like us- we

sell some legitimate and natural gemstones, too!

Keep in mind that ebay is a source for trained professionals,

too- you are bidding against well versed individuals.

Check out the ebayers bidding on the items- perhaps you

can glean some information from other bidders.  Their own

purchases and feedbacks can offer insight, and provide a

more secure feeling of getting what you're paying for.  Just click on

a recent 'won' item, and judge for yourself.  You can also look

at sold items from a seller.  If a sold item comes up that is

currently listed, beware!  It could be a stock photo, or

a return- a great deal is rarely returned.  Feedback pages are

a wealth of information!

Most of all, HAVE FUN, and learn.  If you, like myself, are

determined to locate a pricey gem, there are many reputable

dealers on ebay- my favorite is Lembeck Gems for pricier

items.    If you get really lucky and locate a steal,

CONGRATULATIONS.  I can assure you, having just

sold a $1000. plus natural tanzanite (RETAIL) for a mere

$177.00 that deals ARE OUT THERE!



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