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I will begin by saying "DO NOT UNDER BUY SIZE ON A PLASMA CUTTER". You cannot just make a 2nd pass as you can with a welder, so buy a plasma cutter made to cut what you intend to cut the most. Plasma cutters are rated by thickness they will cut. The actual cut is usually stated in 3 to 4 grades. Actual rated cut, will be smooth as if cut with band saw. A quality cut will have some lines in the cut surface while a sever will be rather rough cut. Some larger units will have a pierce rating meaning how thick a piece of material the machine will pierce with no pilot hole. These ratings are based on cutting mild or stainless steel.
Another thing to consider is your electrical service available to operate the plasma cutter. I suggest you look at each unit in our listings and take special note of the cut ratings, air requirements and power requirements. Also general rule is that plasma cutters will cut half the rating when cutting aluminum. Cutting with a plasma cutting system is generally safer than using Oxygen Acetylene or other fuel gas. And while consumable parts may seem expensive, so are oxygen and other fuel gases, and you don't have to deal with an open flame and heat distortion.
Most plasma cutters 1/2" and down will operate just fine on a welder/generator, but again check factory spec sheets, linked on every listing for power requirements. Plasma cutters with built in compressor are great for artists. They will cut 1/8" effectively. These types of machines are also very good for HVAC or restaurant fixtures where 110V power may be all that is available and no compressor required.

All listed below require air compressor or compressed air cylinder to operate.

3/8" cutters. All require a compressor. See specs on each unit for required air CFM and pressure as well as power requirements. Many of this size work on 110V and 230V with proper adapter, which has to be made. We offer the  Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42, the Miller Spectrum 375 , Miller Spectrum 375 X-treme. While there are a few 3/8" rated cutters on the market with built in compressor, we do not feel they are currently priced competitively.

1/2" cutters.  We offer  Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52, Miller spectrum 625 x-treme  ..

7/8" cutters.  We offer   Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster  82 and Miller Spectrum 875.

1" cutters. , Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 102 ..

1-1/4" cutters.  We offer the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster  152.  All other 1-1/4" cutters currently on the market require 3 phase power, these use single phase.

Links to the Plasma Cutters in Our EBay store below.






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