BUYERS !!! What to Do If You Are Ripped Off Online

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BUYERS !!! What to Do If You Are Ripped Off Online
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 I was ripped off online on eBay. I found that the negative feedback will not give me my money back. The first thing that buyers think about is this negative feedback.  ( Many sellers do hold the feedback untill buyers post ). Actually I never think Of writing a review about this issue as I only sell on eBay Until few weeks when I bought somthing and never get it from the seller.I searched about what to do in this situation untill a found the process that should be done as follows ( this is from my point of view ):

1 - Work with the seller and Inform him clearly about the problem ( many emails ) as much as you can daily. Many volume sellers can't read all the emails. Keep on asking about your rights.

1 - File a complaint with eBay File a report immediately with eBay Rules & Safety

2 - You should also submit an online complaint at :

within 30 days after the listing end.

3 - You should visit Internet Fraud Complaint Center to submit a complaint at: www(dot)ic3(dot)gov

4 - File a complaint at FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Consumer Response Center.

5 - Contact your local and state police departments.

6 - Also contact law-enforcement officials in the perpetrator's town & state.

7 - File a complaint with USPS

8 - File a complaint with better business bureau

9 - The last step If you paid through credit card online do a charge back on the transaction through the issuer bank. Most of the banks give 90 days after the transaction is done.. so make it the last step.

Thanks for your time reading this to keep cyberspace a safer place to do business. Please vote for the artical. Thanks

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