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First of all, Burberry bans listing or any sale of Burberry Blue Label merchandise outside of Japan. Japan BURBERRY BLUE LABEL (for women)and BURBERRY BLACK LABEL (men's wear) bought the license from Burberry London. Burberry Blue Label merchandise is exclusive to Japan (managed by Sanyo Corporation) . Burberry strictly regulates the design, manufacture, advertising, distribution and sale of its products. So, most of the listings (if it's new, not used) are usually taken down or removed through Verified Rights Owner (VeRO). Believe me, I've tried listing items I bought from Japan before, but got removed BEFORE the auction even started. Yet, I see a lot of fake ones that are being auctioned off and never get removed. I guess it's very obvious that it is fake thus, Burberry don't even bother or waste their time reporting it to eBay. I've asked that question to Burberry, but never got a response. Note that Burberry seem to report only the authentic listings to ebay for removal, through Verified Rights Owner (VeRO). So if you see listings that are active, most likely it is a fake or imitation ones, even if the seller states it to be authentic. Foremost, the word BURBERRY should all be in upper case or capital letters like this:   ' BURBERRY'   ( not Burberry, nor Burberry's).

 <--  Authentic BURBERRY BLUE LABEL -->

I lived in Japan and got to know their product so I'm sharing this information from personal knowledge. Visit BURBERRY BLUE LABEL online at: ( http://www.burberry-bluelabel.com/collection/w/index.html ) Hope this helps! Also, check out this Burberry Blue Label forum: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+17974/ I started that thread when I was living in Japan (posted by Mimi - that's me!)
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