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The Breitling watch is the worlds favorite watch for pilots around the world, The British Red Arrows, The US Air force Thunderbirds and Japans Blue Impluse all wear Breitling watches, as well as many airline pilots. Virgin Airways, British Airways, Delta, U.S Airways, etc

Breitling opened its first factory in 1884 in switzerland.The original watch maker was Leon Breitling. His granson took over the business in 1914. The watch was worn by German Pilots in world war 1 and The famous German pilot The Red Barron. Manfred Von Richthofen. In 1942 it was the first watch to have a chronograph. By 1952 Breitling  now started manufacturing aircraft cockpit couters.

Over the last 50 years Breitling has proved to be one of the worlds top watch manufacturers.

Unfortunatly since 1980, The replicas and fake watches are also being produced. The major problem is that they are VERY good. Most popular fakes are the Fighter, Crosswind, Navitimer, Aviator and Sports divers watch.

 This is a Genuine Breitling.

Below is a good fake Breitling mens watch.

Fake, look at the logo, its just printed

 Genuine, See the logo is embossed.

So How to spot a fake or Replica.

. This fake is really good, A high ranking Police offcier with NYPD had this watch for 2 years and assumed it was genuine. He was a little upset when I told him.

1. On a Genuine Breitling the window for the date is large and eats into the second and minute markers, The fakes like above do not.

2. Original Breitling's do not have raised sub dials.

3.The inner bezel on the fake does not blend seemlessly into the dial, You can see a black ring on the picture above. The genuine watches do not have this.

4.Breilting  and wings logo are embrossed on genuine watches, On the fakes they are Stamped on.

5. On a Breitling fighter watch the finish is completley brushed. On the fake its a gloss finish.

6.  The top watch is genuine, Look at the underside of the links, it has manufactures markings. The fake does not, Plus the fake back case is just stamped rather than laser engraved.

The dead Give away. On an Original Breitling, Look at the very center pin that holds the minute, hour and second hand. It should all be the same color, Normally silver. The fakes all have a black pin.

If you have a Breitling watch, congarctulations, They are great watches. If you have a good fake, Thats a shame, but its still a good quality watch. They are now made in China and Japan. The watches from Japan are very good quality. The owner of the fake above is still happy with his watch, Yes disapointed, But unless you know what to look for no one will no. The Replica watches as they are now called are very good. I would never buy one. If you are thinking about getting a new watch, just beware.

Dimensions are the same, weight is the same, The Chrono function (Chronograph, chronomat) on the fake does work. Antique Breitlings are noramlly genuine,

Willy Breitling ran the company until 1969. In 1970 Breitling starting producing Quartz watxhes, then the fakes flodded the market. In the late 1980's Breitling went back to producing great mechanical watches once again.

 If buying on e-bay, ONLY pay with Pay Pal, If it is a fake you can file a dispute, and you wil be be able to return your watch, give pay pal your tracking details and get a FULL refund. You can get some very good deals on e-bay. Please do not be put off, just try and follow some of the above.

I do NOT sell watches, I just collect them , I hope this helps. If this has been some use, please click yes.

I would recommend you but A Movement in Time with Breitling & Rolex, Its the best guide published that shows you how to avoid buying fake Breitling watches, plus the full history of Breitling.


Guide & History book on Breitling and Fakes


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