!BEWARE>>Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service<
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!BEWARE>>Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service<
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I've noticed a new trend here lately with a lot of sellers starting to list their auctions with the USPS's " Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service".  They lure you in with this seemingly innocent generic service and will offer no other means of shipping except this one.  Several auctions I've won in the past few months were listed with it and what got my attention was the fact that when I assumed they were going to use " Parcel Post", "First Class Mail" or maybe even if I was lucky " Priority Mail" but no they ended up using one of the slowest shipping services offered by the United States Postal Service! - " Media Mail".

What's really unfair about this whole new way of deception for some dishonest sellers is the fact that their still charging the same high fees as if they were still using "Priority Mail" or "First Class Mail".  The few auctions I won the shipping was around $3.00, but I have seen some complaints on a few sellers feedback from unhappy buyers saying these fees have ranged from $4.00 all the way up to $7.95 and more for ONLY "Media Mail" service!  On top of that, these buyers are angry that their having to wait weeks and even in some cases a month or more for their orders to arrive.  EBay needs to revise their policy and take out the "Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service" option and force sellers to specifically say how their going to ship their orders!

In my book the term, "Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service" is to vague of a shipping description and it allows sellers to manipulate the way they ship and in most cases, make a lot more money off the unsuspecting buyers.  The best advise I can give you is to contact the seller in advance if they are listing with it and ask specifically how the item will be shipped.  That way there's no surprises or hard feelings toward the seller later on.  I'm not saying that all sellers that are using this service are trying to be deceptive, but it doesn't hurt to know for sure where they stand when it comes to shipping your order. 

I have emailed eBay and requested that this USPS shipping option be removed from the shipping options list.  If you believe or feel the same way about this as I do then please email them as well.  The more complaints we can get in the better chance we will have at getting rid of this "generic service".  Thanks and good luck!!

This information is merely my thoughts and opinions, and just something to consider for your own buying practices.  You should consider what you believe to be the right thing to do and go from there.  Thank you for taking your time to read this tidbit of information.

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